Hydrangea won't bloom!

My hydrangea is the type with coarse leaves. I believe it is a tea cup hydrangea.
i have had it for 20 years. It is inthe south part of my garden. It receives afternoon sun. It has only bloomed one time years ago with the flower on the very bottom of the plant. The shrub is very healthy and green. I have fertilized it, put acid fertilizer on it, and bug sprayed it. My husband cuts the dried sticks on it every year because he insists they are dead. What else can I do?
Charlotte in West Falls, NY

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  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Aug 01, 2017
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  • Nicole Frances Nicole Frances on Aug 01, 2017
    Hi Charlotte...I also am a Hydrangea lover however sometimes they are a little fickle. I have some that bloom so well and I have one right now that hasn't bloomed at all this year. Sometimes it takes a while but in your case, it's been 20 years. Maybe you will have to move it to a better spot. It could be that the soil where it has been living no longer provide the nutrients that it needs to flourish. Good Luck!
  • Pat Truslow Pat Truslow on Aug 01, 2017
    Move the plant to a location close to a sidewalk or brick wall of some sort. When you dig the new hole, fill it with pine straw or put a few pieces of old concrete in the hole before the plant. Hydrangeas LOVE acid and want to be close to something that provides it which brick and concrete do.
  • Betsy Wilson Betsy Wilson on Aug 01, 2017
    DO NOT cut the dried stic like branches!!! New growth will grow on them with blooms! Never ever cut off the dead looking parts until it is completely full of leaves & blooms and only then should you remove what looks dead. Shouldn't be very many. Good luck! Sorry, your hubby is wrong.

  • Bonnieh Bonnieh on Aug 01, 2017
    the type of hygrangea might bloom on old wood. Your planting zone might also be too cold. In MN, we call them florist hydrangeas. I bring mine in the house each winter and winter out of the cold. Then they do bloom for me again outside. we need hygrangeas that bloom only on new wood.
  • BevLar BevLar on Aug 01, 2017
    I would move it to the south side o of the house. Afternoon sun is much too hot for hydrangeas.
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