What size stencil works for painting 11 3/4" ceramic floor tiles?

I am painting my bathroom floor and I have 11 3/4" ceramic tiles with about 1/2" grout all the way around the tiles so almost 13" per square. I do not wish to paint grout lines and I don't have the ability to make my own stencils. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
q what size stencil works for painting 11 3 4 ceramic floor tiles
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  • do you have a design in mind? that would dictate the size of stencils you can purchase, if you are not making your own. Are you planning to stencil them all or just random? A random design would allow larger stencils.
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    • I would suggest looking for 12"stencils. While not inexpensive, Royal Stencils have large patterns, give their website a look.
  • Great idea! Do you have a spare tile to take with you to the store? If not, take a piece of paper or two and cut to the exact size of your tile. Then take with you to the craft or hobby store and see what you like that fits in the space. I saw one on Pinterest where a lady panted a mandala on each square and when done the floor looked like a beautiful mosaic. If you can, buy more than one stencil and do test designs on plain paper before starting on the floor itself. Do not forget to seal your work so that it will last a long time. Happy painting!�🖌
  • I just painted my bathroom tile using Cutting Edge Stencils. Go to their site and you will see what is available in many different sizes. Here is my post on how I stenciled my bathroom tile: http://www.hometalk.com/30107044/i-painted-and-stenciled-my-ceramic-tile
    • Rub23192090 Rub23192090 on Jun 25, 2018
      Great post and I love the results. In your opinion what size stencil would look good on a 13x13 floor tile?
  • Patricia Costello Rice Patricia Costello Rice on Aug 02, 2017
    What type of paint are you using on the tile and what do you seal it with?
  • Thank you for your compliment!! I have seen a lot of stencils that are 12x12 (which is what I used), so you may have to search a little for a 13x13. Good Luck!
  • Iggy Iggy on Feb 04, 2021

    Hi there,

    Did you ever sort out your issue of stencils too small for the tile?

    The tiles I have are also 13" X 13", and so far the stencils are too small.

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