Easiest vegetables to grow in large planters on patio?

Easiest vegetables to grow in large planters on patio?

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  • Dfm Dfm on Aug 03, 2017
    tomato peppers egg plant. i'v not had good luck with corn , some squash did well as did the bush type cukes
  • Amanda Amanda on Aug 03, 2017
    Tomatoes, egg plant, or swiss chard. Just make sure you chose a bigger pot to give your veggie plenty of room.
  • Denise Denise on Aug 03, 2017
    Tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers will a trellis.
  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Aug 03, 2017
    I have had good luck with tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, herbs, lettuce. Just make sure that you water and fertilize them, as in pots they are more needy than in the ground. I wouldn't do carrots, green beans or corn as you would not get enough crop out of a pot to be worth it. You can do viney veggies as long as you have a large enough trellis to hold the weight of the fruit. As stated before, use large enough pots to support the roots of the mature plants.
  • Strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, melons, provided they are at least whiskey barrel size planters.
  • Betsy Betsy on Aug 03, 2017
    If you plant tomatoes, get the ones that say "Determinate" on the sticker. These grow to about 3 feet and stop. The "Indeterminate" ones grow all crazy and about 6 feet tall.