DIY Wooden Wine Glass Rack

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What are the two most important things about your kitchen?

If you said making full use of vertical storage, and your wine collection, then I’m sure we’d become fast friends. But even if you didn’t, let me show you a cool little project that’s perfect for DIY afternoons.
When you have an abundance of wine glasses and little space to store them, this is the solution for you. Cabinet interiors with tall shelves like this one leave ample room for wine glasses to hang, without limiting the storage space beneath them.

How can you bring this convenient setup to your cupboard? Read on to find out!


T-Shaped Wood Moldings
Measure the depth of your cabinet to learn the length of molding its interior can support, then purchase as many moldings as needed to accommodate your wine glass collection. If you can’t find an appropriately shaped molding, you will have to make your own.

The screws you use must be long enough to drive through your moldings and into your cabinet, without penetrating completely through the cabinet’s shelf or frame.

Drill and Drill Bit
For this project, you’ll need to drill through your moldings and into your cabinet. Make sure you also have a drill bit that corresponds to the screws you will be using.

1. Make T-shaped Moldings
If you manage to find some correctly shaped T-moldings at your hardware store that are large enough to hold the base of your wine glasses, great! You can skip this step.

But if you’re unlucky like me and your local store didn’t have any moldings in that shape, you’ll have to create your own. I made each of mine by connecting two ½-inch by ¾-inch wood rods to one long 1-inch by ¼-inch decorative molding.
2. Pre-Drill Holes in Moldings
To get your moldings ready for installation, and make drilling through them and into your cabinet much easier on yourself, pre-drill from the bottom and through the top of your T-shaped molding.

To ensure that the moldings can be attached to your cabinet evenly, make sure that your holes are consistently spaced between each molding and drilled straight through, not at an angle.
3. Pre-Drill Holes in Cabinet
With your moldings prepared, measure out their spacing so that your wine glasses will be able to safely dangle without being too constricted to move, or in danger of falling through the spaces between the moldings and shattering.

Once you’ve figured out the spacing, mark the location of the holes you need to drill and then pre-drill up into the bottom of your cabinet’s shelf, or into the top of the cabinet box, depending on where you’d like your glasses to hang from.
4. Secure Moldings to Cabinet
Now for the last step, simply align the pre-drilled holes of your moldings to the pre-drilled holes in your cabinet, and then screw them securely together one-by-one.
5. Stock your Shelf and Enjoy
With your moldings all screwed in place, the moment has finally come. Hang your wine glasses on their new holders, and now all that’s left is for you to freely stock the spaces beneath them with whatever items you desire.

Suggested materials:

  • T-Shaped Wood Moldings
  • Screws
  • Drill and Drill Bit

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  • Emily
    on Sep 2, 2017

    I did do this project many years ago, I mean I also had the same idea. I have two shelves for hanging stemmed glasses. The top shelf also supports a display of china. This was one of my few carpentry jobs (not my skill set) but it has served us well for many years in our tiny kitchen!
    , shelves for stemmed glasses at end of kitchen and over window
  • Marie Leonard
    on Jun 16, 2020

    Most definitely soon. I'll let y'all know how it goes.

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