Repurpose Your Boxes Into Closet Organizers!

If you have a lot of similar sized diaper boxes laying around, here is an idea how you can recycle them in your home instead of tossing them in the recycling bin. I did this project by reusing diaper boxes!
Time: 1 HoursCost: $5Difficulty: Easy
  • repurpose your boxes into closet organizers
I cut off the cardboard flaps and took the pieces of cardboard out of the handles. Next, I laid fabric to cover the box flat and ironed it. I just used old fabric, you can use anything! Drop cloths, bed sheets, anything could work.
  • repurpose your boxes into closet organizers
After ironing, I cut my fabric to size and cut the excess fabric off the corners. Then I used hot glue to pull it tight and secure it inside and around the box. These fabric covered diaper boxes make great organizers for my kids' hats, mittens, shoes, and other outside gear in our coat closet.
  • repurpose your boxes into closet organizers
This is a before and after showing how I used to boxes to organize my upper shelf. However, recently my entryway underwent an even bigger makeover with new painted trim and doors. Now my entryway closet looks like this! The diaper box organizers are still functioning great after years of heavy use!
  • repurpose your boxes into closet organizers
I've made lots of these! They are super useful! You can improve this project further by adding labels or lids onto your boxes. Another tip: using patterned fabric hides the seams better and makes the edge of fabric less visible. This floral print green fabric worked great for a more professional result.
  • repurpose your boxes into closet organizers
Thanks for reading my idea! Comment what you would use these to organize? Be sure to come to my blog to see more ideas to reuse boxes. And you're sure to love the rest of my entryway makeover.

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