Need simple spot cleaner for carpet

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  • you don't say what kind of spot you have but I find this product works really well for me.

  • Linda Linda on Aug 07, 2017
    try you all purpose cleaner like windex. It all depends on stain
  • Michele Pappagallo Michele Pappagallo on Aug 07, 2017
    Vinegar and baking soda in a paste makes a great carpet spot sure to test it in a hidden area first to make sure it will not bleach or discolor the particular carpeting you have. All carpet fibers are different...
  • Karen Tokarse Karen Tokarse on Aug 07, 2017
    If it's a light colored carpet, just use hydrogen peroxide.
  • Joa28221453 Joa28221453 on Aug 07, 2017
    I have a business with a lot of square feet, I go around with a spray bottle of Floex Professional Carpet and Stain Remover in my hand, it works better than anything I have ever tried for spots and spills, no odor either. It works!
  • Katherine Anne Katherine Anne on Aug 07, 2017
    A great stain remover for carpets and clothing is simply using blue Dawn dishwashing liquid. I would initially lightly Douse the area with water and blot up as much of the stain, as possible. Then take a bit of blue Dawn dishwashing liquid and rub it into the area. Let it sit for at least 15 minutes, if not an hour. Then you want to take a spray bottle of water... spray the area and start to blot it and you will see the stain has been lifted or will lift completely with light brushing or rubbing with a rag. Do make sure you lightly spritz the area with water, until you remove all of the soap or it will attract dirt.... And do not step on the area until it's completely dry to avoid dirt transfer from shoes and bottoms of feet. This absolutely will work if you are patient and you might need to reapply the soap step and do some rubbing and or letting the soap sit on the stand area again, in order to achieve Optimum results. Hope this helps!
  • Sharon Sharon on Aug 07, 2017
    I love the Home Store Foam Carpet Cleaner from the Dollar Tree. Use it for all my clients.
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