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Hiding a Circuit Breaker Box in Plain Sight

You all have been such an inspiration to me; from helping me realize my dream of paneling my walls, to putting sparkle in my windows! So it just stands to reason, that as I stare at my mundane circuit breaker box, several projects posted on this site have "blossomed" in my mind, to form a plan on camouflaging this eyesore. Let's talk paint, pine cones and twigs!
Time: 2 Days Cost: $0 Difficulty: Easy
Now that the wall panels are up and the windows trimmed and sparkly, what to do with this........box?
Well! There were several wonderful posts on how to make these neat flowers out of pine cones! So I sat down to glue magnets on the base of each half a cone, and paint them! Doing crafts is like attending a class on Sanity 101!
Then there was other posts that used twigs, twigs, mind you! To create wreaths and such. So I figured flowers needed stems. Went outside to collect "kindling" for this picture in my mind......and glued twigs together with a magnet or two underneath.
Flower stems usually have some form of bushy growth at their base, so I glued more twigs on magnets, creating little "tussocks", if you will!
I took my stem and tussocks outside and gathered some spray paint together. Let's see, green for the stem, and some colors for the tussocks. This was fun!
I placed my "flower garden" on the breaker box! It looked.....good, yes, well, but......it needed more. All righty, then!
I took the paint I bought for the ceiling and trim, and the door, and painted that breaker box! And, you all have seen those projects where folk use feathers to create veins and highlights on a painted surface? Well, I had this buzzard's feather......
Ta-Da! Now my flower garden has a lovely background, and the grey circuit breaker box is camouflaged! High five!

Materials used for this project:

  • Twigs, pine cones glue gun and magnets and left over paint,   (all from home!)

Ask the creator about this project

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer Elizabeth City, NC
    on Aug 9, 2017

    I think that is so AWESOME!!
    If I had walls like your's I would copy you !!

  • Cori Widen
    Cori Widen
    on Aug 9, 2017

    This is amazing!!!

    • Patty Anderson
      Patty Anderson
      on Aug 9, 2017

      One of the bonus's of having built your own home.....you can do as you please! Thank you! :)

  • Wendy
    on Aug 9, 2017

    Wowee, that is incredible! I love how your mind works!

  • Dfm
    Dfm Cascade, IA
    on Aug 12, 2017

    okay.....camouflage for the breaker box is ______not! a good idea. it's one of the first stops for the firemen. now just how are they going to find it? kill the electric is one of the first things done. water and electric just don"t mix.

  • on Aug 12, 2017

    Patty, I don't know which was better ... your idea for the camouflage or the entertainment I had reading your story. DFM is correct -- your talent at camouflaging the breaker box may be an issue (but I still love it)!

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