what is the best way to clean copper thanks
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  • I have heard barkeepers friend works well. Also a mixture of lemon, vinegar, salt mixed into a past does the trick as well. I assume it has to do with how much you need to clean if you should go the commercial route or the DIY method.
  • Norma Jean Norma Jean on Feb 12, 2014
    Make a paste of salt and lemon juice. It's like magic!
  • Michelle Nevers-Grow Michelle Nevers-Grow on Feb 12, 2014
    Vinegar and salt: Rub a mixture of 1 tablespoon of table salt and 1 cup of white vinegar onto the copper with a soft cloth and rinse. Or, immerse the tarnished copper into a pot of 3 cups of water and the salt-vinegar mixture, bring to a boil and boil until the grime and tarnish comes off. Once the copper is cool, wash it with soap and water, rinse and rub with a soft cloth.Ketchup: Not just for your burgers, a small amount of this common kitchen condiment can be rubbed onto tarnished copper to restore its natural luster. Then rinse and dry.Lemon: To naturally clean copper pots and pans, and less fragile copper pieces, cut a lemon in half, add salt to the cut side and rub gently onto the item. You can also make a paste with lemon juice, and equal parts salt and non-oxidized cornstarch or baking soda.Baking soda: Combine this mineral with lemon juice to clean copper naturally, or sprinkle just baking soda onto a cloth and polish the tarnished copper.
  • Pam295811 Pam295811 on Feb 13, 2014
    Believe it or not ketchup works great! I used to buy copper items for my gift shop and my incredible handcrafted pieces came w/instructions to polish w/ketchup.
  • Having many copper pieces I can tell you that Barkeepers Friend and a kitchen sponge. I have tried many things and find this to be the best.
  • where do you find that
    • @Kimberly Schoffler Boynes I think I found mine at Krogers but it is probably at any store-runs about $2.50 -3.00 and you do not need to sprinkle a lot. Wet the piece and sprinkle and use the scrubby to clean. I use barkeepers on my kitchen sink to clean it. It is worth having around.
  • thanks so much
  • Kim L Kim L on Feb 14, 2014
    EIther Barkeepers Friend or a product called Kleen King that's especially made to clean stainless steel & copper. I collect copper items and have been using these for years - either works very well. Neither is expensive. By the way, I was born and raised outside of Pittsburgh, PA (Natrona Heights/Tarentum area!)
  • Laurajean Laurajean on Feb 14, 2014
    I have my grandmother's copper bottom pans and I use what she used...yogurt!
  • Copper is found in many fine household items, such as jewelry and pots. Over time, though, the surrounding air causes the metal to tarnish. Tarnishing is a natural process, so it makes sense to use natural items to eliminate the dark, grimy appearance. Commercial copper cleaners often contain harsh chemicals, but copper can be naturally cleaned with materials usually already found in the home.By rubbing a mixture of 1 tablespoon of table salt and 1 cup of white vinegar onto the copper with a soft cloth and rinse and rub with a soft cloth to make it shine.Other useful things from the kitchen,are ketchup,lemon and baking soda which help to maintain the copper.
  • thanks for all your suggestions