I need to paint my stained metal front door.

The door has a powder paint finish and I'm not sure what kind of paint to use. It's stained and I'd lije to do a custom color to nake it stand out.

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  • Vee Vee on Aug 11, 2017
    Hi. I'm not sure what "powder paint" finish means and then "stained." However, I'd assume both are oil based finishes. I would use an oil based paint to begin with. Make sure you lightly sand the surface and wipe clean first to ensure good paint adhesion. When using oil based products, it's imperative that you follow the the recommended heat and humidity parameters on the paint/stain containers. Oil paint takes longer to dry. However, it lasts a very long time. If I were you, I'd go to your favorite paint store, grab some swatches that interest you especially colors you wouldnt normally choose. The front door is a small area but is a fun place to think outside the box. Then, take a color photo of the front of your house. Print out nunerous copies. With scissors or an exacto knife, cut out the door from each photo and tape the paint swatches behind each print of your house. You can get a good idea how each color will look like on your front door that way. Good luck!

  • Melissa Thompson Melissa Thompson on Aug 11, 2017
    Use a good primer and you should be good to go.

  • Lavica Lavica on Aug 11, 2017
    I would wire brush and / or power wash the metal door first to remove any loose debris prior to painting. Metal doors, exposed to the outdoor elements are best painted with spray paint that is specifically formulated to protect against rust. Rustoleum is a brand that offers many color and finish choices.

  • Susan S Susan S on Aug 11, 2017
    if you take the door to a powder coating company where they normallay dip the metal into an acid bath to remove rust or paint or powder coating. You might call a company in your area to ask about cost. Then, prime and paint...easier to choose a color at the coating company. The powder coating will hold up better than paint that chips.

  • Sharon Sharon on Aug 11, 2017
    Powder coat is electrostatically applied, I've taken file cabinets to auto painters to have them re-powder coated, I am sure they could do any color you like. Or you can strip it and paint it with Rustoleum paint for metal.

  • Sunny C Sunny C on Aug 11, 2017
    Hello Rora; Please visit Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Etc.
    I personally would use a paint that is made for metal. Rustoleum comes in several colors, and you will be able to choose something that you Love and Enjoy!!!!
    I hope that this helps you!!!! Have fun painting your front door!! Take Care!