How to cover wires so cats won't bite them

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  • Sharon Sharon on Aug 16, 2017
    Maybe put something bitter on them to encourage them to leave it alone....Heres' one idea that someone else did.

    One super strength spray bottle found at home depot
    hot pepper powder

    Combine about 1 cup of vinegar and several heaping tablespoons of pepper to almost hot water. Just warm enough to help dissolve that pepper
    Spray the HELL out of those wires and the floor around the wires.
    If cat is stubborn enough to get past the vinegar smell, one simple nip with that dried pepper powder will send him scurrying.
    I have a chew on everything kind of kitty too. I didnt want him eating my plastic christmas tree so I used that spray on the b ottom branches where he could reach and one bite.. he ran off and hid.... never touched it again

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Aug 16, 2017
    Cable Trunking - square white plastic
  • Kim Kim on Aug 16, 2017
    Are you talking about the plugwires throughout your home? There are plastic covers for automotive wiring that are long tubes slit in a spiral so that you can feed over your wires easily. If the cat continues to gnaw on it he could get through to the wire though. Maybe put the plates cover on and sew up some covers with a displeasing texture to feed the encased cord through. That way your kitty won't gnaw and the wires will be protected.
    Whatever you choose to do, it is important that you repair any damage already done to avoid an electrical fire.
    Hope that helps
    : )
  • Bundle them up and wrap a zip strip around them so they are not low to the ground. Small PVC piping, cut a slit down the side and put them through it if they run across the floor.

  • KHA14213502 KHA14213502 on Aug 16, 2017
    OMG! keep the color just rearrange and decultter you got that!!!!
  • Lisa Lisa on Aug 16, 2017
    buy a product called bitter apple and spray on anything you don't want them to bite. works for dogs also. one taste and my cat never touched
  • Pamela Petritsch Pamela Petritsch on Aug 16, 2017
    pool noodle
  • Elizabeth Dion Elizabeth Dion on Aug 17, 2017
    You can buy wire covers in most electronics stores.
  • Dea29125645 Dea29125645 on Aug 17, 2017
    Run the wires through PVC pipe.
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