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I'm super excited to share these hacks with y'all! Rob's cousin, Sheri, came to me and was looking for a solution for some storage issues she had with her new camper. The camper she and her husband, Pat recently purchased is nothing short of amaaaaazing--totally modern and beautiful--but as anyone knows who has spent time in a camper, you have to get a little creative with your storage or you'll find yourself frustrated...with the quickness! I tried these 5 hacks out on Sheri and Pat's camper and I got 4 thumbs up! What's even better is not a nail was hammered and not a screw was screwed.


-room essentials 3-shelf hanging closet organizers

-Command hooks

-Everbilt S hooks

-wire baskets

-clear plastic containers

-12 shower roller rings

-shower curtain

-expandable shower rod


One of Sheri's requests was to have a place in the bathroom area for storing towels. Before, the only place to have them in the bathroom was sitting on the sink or the toilet seat and I think we all can agree that the latter doesn't sound so great.

To solve this problem, I used slate colored Command Hooks. These particular ones hold about three pounds each which was perfect for what I needed them for.

To solve this problem, I used slate colored Command Hooks. These particular ones hold about three pounds each which was perfect for what I needed them for.

Once I mounted the hooks on the wall as per the instructions on the packaging, I hung a wire basket that I snagged on Clearance at Marshall's.

This was the perfect solution to store extra towels and keep them off the ground, and out of the shelving. Not to mention they look cute, too!


A second issue Sheri was having was her food moving around when the camper was en route to or from wherever they were camping at. She mentioned that everything would roll and shift in the cabinets.

A simple solution for this issue was to place some small plastic bins inside the cabinets. Not only do the bins keep the food from sliding around, they also create an organized space. If you want to go one step further, you could add velcro to the bottom of the bins!


This hack was probably my favorite of all! Sheri really expressed the fact that she and her husband, Pat, needed closet shelving. Because the camper walls were so flimsy and unpredictable as far as nailing and screwing, she was afraid for me to add actual shelving.

Solution: hanging shelves! I found these beauties online at Target and they were the perfect size for the closet areas in Sheri and Pat's room in their camper. Sheri originally had a little plastic bin in both her and Pat's closet cabinets so those fit perfectly under the hanging organizers. Be sure to watch the video to see how these hanging closet organizers turned out!


Much like the bathroom towels, Sheri was having an issue with where to put her fruits and veggies without taking up counter space.

To fix this problem, I again used slate colored Command Hooks that hold three pounds each.

To fix this problem, I again used slate colored Command Hooks that hold three pounds each. I followed the instructions for removing the backing of the tape as per the packaging and I placed them on the end of the kitchen cabinets where Sheri preferred her fruits and veggies to go.

Easy and quick fix!

Hack 5: Outdoor shower privacy/bathing suit hangers

The final issue Sheri had was not having a place where she and her family could privately shower outdoors and hang their bathing suits when they came off of the beach. The outdoor shower setup was between two slide outs of the camper so Rob had the perfect idea...!

I had a shower curtain on hand that I wasn't using so I simply purchased some new slider rings for it...

I had a shower curtain on hand that I wasn't using so I simply purchased some new slider rings for it as well as an extension shower rod from Marshall's and secured it between the two slide outs.

I really love how this came out and totally solved the hanging bathing suit situation.

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9 questions
  • Doris Mansfield
    on Aug 29, 2017

    Why didn't you just use clothes hangers in the closet ????
    • J.b. kelly
      on Aug 29, 2017

      The hanging cubbies give a lot more storage , and fit the space perfectly .
      it looked like their clothes wound up on the floor because of moving the camper
    • Susan V
      on Aug 29, 2017

      I did the same thing in our camper. Unfortunately the closet wasn't deep enough to hang clothing on hangers. The hanging shelf was the perfect solution for keeping things organized.
    • Judi Questel
      on Aug 29, 2017

      Many times the closets in a travel trailer aren't deep enough to hang a regular hanger, only a child size will fit. If you've ever tried hanging adult size clothes, especially shirts, on the small hangers you quickly realize what a pain that is. Of note, l started out with a setup like what is pictured but quickly gave it up due to the flimsy nature of the fabric and cardboard construction. I now have a plastic drawer unit that fits in the closet, works much better and it is still lightweight.
    • Sheros
      on Aug 29, 2017

      Our motorhome closets are deep enough to hang adult clothes, but the bottom half of the closet was wasted. I also put a 4 drawer plastic craft bin in the bottom. works perfect.
    • She strictly advised me that she didn't hang her clothes--she wanted shelving to have folded clothes which is why I didn't use hangers.
  • N. G. Londonderry
    on Aug 29, 2017

    Did the plumbing for the outdoor shower come with your camper? Did you buy one of those portable outdoor showers like people have for their backyard pools?
    • Judi Questel
      on Aug 29, 2017

      Travel trailers come with the outdoor shower installed. Just open a storage door on the outside of the unit and there's your faucet handles and hand held shower head with hose.
    • Pat
      on Aug 29, 2017

      Perhaps it's not the command strips, but the texture of the walls. I haven't had any problems when I place them on a smooth surface.
    • Sra22577572
      on Aug 29, 2017

      When applying Command strips, first peel off the backing for the "wall" side of the strip - smooth and press strip to the wall and wait at least 30 minutes! Then apply the hook part to the front of the applicator/holding strip-press the hook firmly to the sticky side/front of the strip and wait again- the waiting period allows the glues to stick!
    • This is actually my husband's cousin's camper. It came as is with all the bells and whistles (it even has a laundry shoot and a place for a trashcan in the kitchen!).
    • N. G. Londonderry
      on Aug 30, 2017

      Great! Much better than the camper we had. You did a nice job.
  • Kim
    on Aug 29, 2017

    Can't find the video about THIS project. Lots of other DIY videos, though.
  • Peggy
    on Aug 29, 2017

    QUESTION and PLEASE pardon, as I could not navigate the LINK....Hi all, Any tips as to prepare , add to, or initially ( for certain ) FIX the adhesive to the Command Hooks prior to adding them to wall surface to assure no falling off of the products' plastic STICK TO THE WALL..... surface? Thanks....out there in CYBER-LAND, Fondly, Peggy
    • Anonymous
      on Aug 29, 2017

      I have never found a Command hook that sticks. I keep trying them with great hope. They ALL come right off within a day or 2 and, yes, I prep my walls before I hang them.
    • Lorna Schripsema
      on Aug 29, 2017

      I clean my wall with. Rubbing alcohol and let it dry then adhere the hooks to the wall/cupboard. I did this In out new kitchen and it works. However I think using this on caninets in a camper with the weight she put in the hooks it would not last very long.
    • Helen Bouslaugh
      on Aug 29, 2017

      I loved all the ideas and have used some myself, yet will take some more and put them to use in our RV. And yes, I tried the command hooks without long term success also, thus, I have reverted to the old fashioned screw it together. For the fruit bin, I plan on installing with gorilla glue a small strip of wood inside the cabinet behind my location and then screwing in some stronger metal hooks through the cabinet and into the block of wood behind it. Following this process I have key hooks by the door, hat and coat racks in both entry and bathroom for all those messes. You do have to get the clutter off the floor, counters and closets have to be organized. Kind of like all those tiny living houses on TV. Great ideas come from those shows for everyday life. Love love love all the hints Courtney shared! Anything to make life easier!
    • Tricia
      on Aug 29, 2017

      Love the idea with the bins to organize the food items in the pantry. Things slide around a lot on the road. One problem that was obvious in the video that she didn't address was having to constantly hold the swing up cabinet door on the overhead cabinet open while she arranged things. What I've done is put vertical door stays on my doors. It only takes one per door and you can find them at Lowe's or Ace. They are light weight and take very short screws. The cost varies depending on how fancy you want but you can find low cost ones for $5 at Lowes or Ace has what they call friction supports for $2.50 that do the same thing.
    • I've read where people clean the surface really well and let the Command hook sit for a bit so that the adhesive adheres to the surface before hanging anything on them.
    • Vel Morrison Orsborn
      on Aug 30, 2017

      I use shelf liner in our camper so kitchen stuff wouldn't slide around. The rubbery kind. Also under sink in the bathroom. I use it under cakes and any other prepared food when delivering in my car. Also on the back seat of the golf car when taking food to pot lucks with other campers. Solves a lot of my problems.
    • Pinkflmgo626
      on Aug 30, 2017

      What about using the Hurricane Hooks? They make a nail-size hole but are the muchh sturdier than a nail and you don't have the non-stick issue like command hooks. These will only work if there is a space behind the wall for them to protrude and hang.
  • Lynn Marcroft Lehr
    on Aug 29, 2017

    Where did that Fruit Basket come from? Great idea!
    • Susan
      on Aug 29, 2017

      you can find all sorts of baskets - you don't need one exactly like hers. SHOP around - google "baskets" or "straw baskets" etc. -- Be original!
    • Fay Holstein
      on Aug 30, 2017

      She said she got them on sale at Marshalls
    • Marshalls has some great stuff right now as they're transitioning into the fall season!
    • Nikki
      on Sep 1, 2017

      I've used command hooks several place in my home and nursing homes with no problem and did no wall prep.
    • Diamond Lil
      on Sep 3, 2017

      Marshalls, Ross, TJ MAXX, JoAnn Fabrics has some similar that I loved
      Love Command Hooks
    • Donna Campbell- Bitner
      on Jun 16, 2018

      Go to hobby lobby they have loads of baskets and bins all sizes

  • Wendy
    on Aug 29, 2017

    We live in a 40ft Trailer and I SEE that You Understand the LACK of STORAGE!!!!
    My Problem with the hooks you used Dont Work on the Wall Paper lined in our trailer!!
    Please let me Knowif you have Any other hooks or Adhesives I could use??
    By the way, your Ideas were Awesome!!
    • Karen Loske
      on Aug 29, 2017

      I saw the textured walls and wondered about that. I bought some hooks a while back. I haven't tried them yet but they are made for exterior siding. I wonder if those might work?
    • NYDeb
      on Aug 30, 2017

      Did you clean the area first? If there is any dirt or residue, they won't stick right.
    • Stacy
      on Aug 30, 2017

      Try using a little rubbing alcohol to clean the area first before applying the command hooks. They definitely stick on my wall paper in my 2013 trailer. Good luck with your storage issues.
    • Cynthia Whitney
      on Aug 30, 2017

      I can see a couple of issues here: many commercial campgrounds object to you hanging clothes or towels outside to dry so you might want to find a shower curtain that blends with the coloring of your camper and hang the swimsuits on the inside. Our shower is on the back so this won't work for us but we don't do beaches anyhow. For the food storage you need squared-up plastic bins with sides that go straight up and down. Many are angled and you just end up wasting space. I wish I could use the produce basket idea but I don't think it will work with our kitchen layout. I'm going to try some of the bathroom ideas, though, because that is an issue for me. And command hooks for hats and coats is a good idea, too. We don't have real storage issues as there are only 3 of us and the upper bunk in the second bedroom can be used for excess stuff. I'm thinking that maybe some large plastic boxes on the upper bunk might work for my son's clothes and he can use his closet for his music and videos and stuff. A few little ideas just get the brain working. Thanks.
    • I honestly don't have any other suggestions for hooks as Rob and I don't have a camper trailer--if it were my camper, I would try using anchors and screws but I didn't want to experiment on his cousin's brand new camper.
    • Julie M.
      on Aug 30, 2017

      Anchors and screws are a no no in trailer walls
    • Jl
      on Aug 30, 2017

      anchors and screws sound great but you just can't use them in trailers, the walls are "very" thin and flex. You also have no clue what is on the back side of the wall. Just not like a not wheeled home.
    • Nancy
      on Aug 30, 2017

      I wonder if lightly sanding just the area of attachment and if they won't stick then try real strong glue.
    • Tlw6933834
      on Aug 30, 2017

      MY mom lives in a tiny house and the walls are a wall papered board of some kind. The command hooks stick BUT start pulling the paper off the board. She didn't want holes in the walls.....but many pictures fell. Now there is a bubble where the command hook use to be. :(

    • Sandy Grant
      on Aug 31, 2017

      Not sure if it would work but maybe. I wanted hooks in my shower but even the supposed shower type commands kept coming off. I used the paint on style Gorilla Glue and they are working perfectly. They can even get wet and stay up!
    • Mickey Smith Nolan
      on Aug 31, 2017

      I had a bunch of square ice cream containers, the gallon(?) plastic kind. Some I cut down to shorter size, aome I left as they were. I use them in my pantry cabinet to keep things from sliding and jumbling up. I have an open area in the bathroom and I took a dollar plastic bin to put in there for extras that would not fit my medicine cabinet. Will eventually use some stick-on velcro to keep some of the bins in place.
      Thanks, Rob and Courtney M, for the ideas. I am so inspired now!! My camper will be neat eventually!!

    • Carol Kerr Welch
      on Sep 10, 2017

      You might try the command strips designed for outdoor use.
    • Debby Linane Moore
      on Sep 15, 2017

      I used a plastic purse holder that hangs in a closet, placed the hooks over my shower and used it to store my towels and wash cloths. Works great..
    • Wendy
      on Sep 16, 2017

      Debby, do you have a Picture of the Plastic Purse Holder And the hooks on your shower?? 😊
    • Jamie Lunsdon
      on May 26, 2018

      I used construction adhesive

    • Rit3360229
      on May 27, 2018

      Sugru adhesive putty. You can order from Amazon. I used 4 small dots, about the size of the plastic headed stick pins, on the bottom of my coffee to attach it the counter top. It stays in place, including driving almost 3000 miles to Yellowstone.

    • Dee
      on Jun 24, 2018

      We too are campers. We have a small countertop ice maker, a coffee maker, and my paper towel holder that stands up. I cut small prices of the not slide shelf lining (comes in different colors that is a type of light rubber that looks like waffles and cut it to size to go under my counter items. We even keep a plastic gallon of water to use on the road quick bathroom breaks and be able to wash our hands. NOTHING moves ! It helps keep things in place during travel time. I too use plastic baskets to keep small items together and then I just take out the basket to get the spice I need or other condiments.

      I woukd not recommend putting this type under your baskets. It makes it hard to get the baskets out. I also use small adjustable tension rods to keep items from falling off shelves when you travel. I used. The sane type Todd al hang them in my shower to hang wet swim suits on to drip dry. If you have enough space us larger ones to hang. Damp

      towels on for quicker drying ! N

  • Jane Doe
    on Jun 16, 2018

    What is the water source for the outdoor shower?

    • Suzie
      on Jun 16, 2018

      Many RV's have outdoor showers that pull water from either the internal fresh water tank on the camper or the city water supply that's provided at many campgrounds.

    • Kat White
      on Jun 23, 2018

      Yes that is exactly what RV do. Pull from city hookups or your fresh tank. If you feel like it isn’t smelling so good put 1/2 of bleach in at least 3 gallons of water in tank.

  • Crystal Hardin
    on Jun 23, 2018

    What are you hanging your bathing suits on the shower hooks?

    • Sheri Neaves
      on Jun 23, 2018

      It’s hard to see but I think she is using the everbilt s hooks.

    • Joyce
      on Feb 29, 2020

      WONDERUL idea!!! Just don't forget it when you want to break down. Slides go in, rods go flying. eeekkk!

  • Judy
    on Jun 24, 2018

    Could u use Liquid Nails on the command hooks that will not stick to camper walls?

    • Martha
      on Jul 9, 2018

      Probably could but that will damage your walls if you ever want to take them down, hence the purpose of using 3m products.

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  • Pat whitmus
    on Jun 19, 2018

    My creative husband made racks with upright posts to hold plates and cups/glasses securely in place in our RV. By slipping a thin paper plate in between the corel plates the noise level dropped significantly. Craft foam sheets also work well between pans and lids etc. RVing offers many opportunities to be creative! Enjoy!

  • Pat whitmus
    on Jun 19, 2018

    Find the wooden studs in the RV wall, attach a wooden bar from one stud to the other then place screws in the attached bar. Or screw in cup hooks to the attached bar to hang things. This works well and does not weaken the RV in any way and holds up with the swaying movement of the RV when on the road.

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