Feeling Proud: Side Cabinet Makeover

Second hand store $6 special. Hand Work...some hours. Outcome...Beautiful
e side cabinet makeover
Rework of 1970's side/end table.
Sanded everything. Primed with Zinsser 123 Spot Cover, white base colour and accent colours(orange and beige) clear coated with matte finish. Sanded the handle, washed in TSP and when dry sprayed with orange tone to match accent orange. Put double layer of soft feet for the height wanted.
Birthday gift for my adult daughter.
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  • Kim Kim on Aug 18, 2017
    Beautiful job!!!! I am sure she will love it! Thank you for sharing : )

    • Laura Hilton Laura Hilton on Aug 19, 2017
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  • Ptrish Ptrish on Aug 18, 2017
    very nice

  • MadameRã MadameRã on Aug 19, 2017
    I am not sure whether you are wanting more ideas or just a compliment?... Its fresh & lovely as is, however if you want some extra easy ideas that 'pop' in todays world of searching for difference, then what looks fantastic is two different thickness of rope( one thiner vastly),& an appropriate glue.

    With the handle use the thin rope & roll in a pattern(meaning leave small spaces in between) & glue( using small clamps to hold in place overnight).

    The sides of the cabinets will have to be done one at the time as they must be laid on their sides~ using both ropes cut to the right size amounts & starting with the thick type start sticking a pattern formation simply across ways; One thick one thin ect...,& use heavy books wrapped in baking paper to sit on top to keep in place( or anything heavy though flat~baking paper will stop any little areas of glue ruining what one has used & keeps the rope clean).. wait overnight & repeat to the other side though once its rolled over, again make sure baking paper is used for it to rest on.
    *Any little pieces of baking paper that may stick will come off with nail varnish remover..

    This makes for a stunning piece & best of all it is not expensive..& its ALWAYS original & matches any decor for any genger.... though a 'pop' of difference is what is desirable,& if a parent made it with the extra details then more points are always considered high with fems", as us gals never quite say what 'else' one would really like.

    *I certianly didn't hope that i have offended if i got the question mixed up..
    Heart thoughts only:)

  • Sandi Blair Sandi Blair on Aug 19, 2017
    Good job!

  • Pam Pam on Aug 19, 2017
    love the color

  • Dianne Na Dianne Na on Aug 19, 2017
    I like hometalk, the sharing of ideas, colours, possiblities for all.

  • Sue28039999 Sue28039999 on Aug 21, 2017
    Well done.

    Is that the original drawer handle?

    Would adding casters instead of soft feet have made it too tall?