Use Olive Oil to Clean 5 Household Items.

3 Materials
10 Minutes

Eco-friendly cleaning products are always a favorite in my household. Why? I have young children and pets. Someone is always touching something or putting their mouth on household objects and I can never be too safe with the products I use to keep my house neat and tidy. This solution is a safe option with excellent results!

Hack #1 - Clean your cast iron pan.

Combine approximately 1 Tbsp of olive oil, with sea salt in the pan. Using a dish brush, scrub the mixture vigorously around the pan. Rinse with water. Watch how quickly the caked on food, falls off of the pan in the video at the bottom of the page!

Hack #2 - Clean stainless steel appliances.

Pour a small amount of olive oil onto a rag or cloth. Wipe in a swirl motion to get rid of dirt and grime. Your appliances will sparkle!

Hack #3 - Polish wood surfaces.

Create a mixture with 1 Tbsp olive oil and 1/2 Tbsp of white vinegar.

Place a small amount on a soft cloth and gently rub it into the wood surface. Ensure to polish in the same direction as the grain of wood for best results. You won't believe how revived this table looks. See for yourself by watching the video below!

Hack #4 - Remove dried paint from your skin.

Pour a small amount of olive oil onto a cloth and rub the painted areas thoroughly with olive oil. Rinse clean with water. The paint is gone and your hands will be smoother than ever!

Hack #5 - Shine wicker and rattan furniture.

Pour a small amount of olive oil onto a cloth and polish. So fresh and so clean! Check out the results in the video below.

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14 questions
  • Kev15019572
    on Sep 1, 2017

    ingrendients used to clean wood surface?
  • Jerry DeYoung
    on Sep 1, 2017

    don't you find that the oil caused dust to accumulate faster?
    • Nadine Hartman Bourne
      on Sep 1, 2017

      No it doesn't, it's like using furniture polish on a table. I used mineral oil of the range hood over the stove in my kitchen it came out beautiful. I wiped it on with a paper towel it cleaned off the gunk that was there and even took off the paint from when I painted the walls a few months ago. I used an old cloth and buffed them to a shine they don't feel greasy at all. Now that Rattan furniture up there might be a problem if you don't get the oil out of all of the nooks and crannies.
    • Susan Susan
      on Nov 24, 2017

      I also use mineral oil. Olive oil will get sticky over time

  • Ann Halsing
    on Sep 1, 2017

    I would like to know a way to get the crust on the outside of my cast iron fry pan?? Thank You Ann
    • Nola Whitlow
      on Sep 1, 2017

      I remember back 60 years ago, Moms would bring the iron skillets to the sand box and have the children to "play" with them. Scrubbing the bottoms around in the sand would clean that crust off!!!
    • Fhq8223863
      on Sep 1, 2017

      Years ago, we used to throw the black cast iron pans in the bonfire! Came out like new!
    • Becky
      on Sep 2, 2017

      My Mama would put her cast iron skillets in a roaring fire too,
    • Lisa
      on Sep 2, 2017

      You can also buy a small piece of "chain mail" on Amason for about $10 that we use to clean our cast iron... really works like a champ.
    • Luci McMullen
      on Sep 3, 2017

      I put my cast iron in my over when I run my self cleaning oven. Then, I wipe them down with a paper towel and oil.
    • Brenda Conner-snider
      on Nov 16, 2017

      I prefer using a cloth as i find bits of paper can be left behind. I always keep small clean rags around.

  • Suzanne D.
    on Sep 1, 2017

    What can I use on my cloudy plexiglass under my rolling office chair to get it shiny again?
    • Eileen Anderson Moorby
      on Sep 3, 2017

      Try a kit that is used to renew automobile headlights
    • Josie Fald
      on Sep 6, 2017

      I had cloudy headlights, a d I used a whitening paste toothpaste. I now have brighter lights, but I think I need one more shot with the toothpaste to complete clear them up. The whitening type of toothpaste has a mild abrasive that won't scratch h the surface.
  • A.k15892406
    on Sep 1, 2017

    How to clean biro pen math from coloured leather suite.
  • Belkis
    on Sep 3, 2017

    How can I remove pen marks from my kitchen cabinets
  • Jeanne
    on Sep 10, 2017

    Can white vinegar and olive oil be used to shine hardwoo flours?
    • Elizabeth. Golemon
      on Sep 11, 2017

    • Stephen Watts
      on Oct 7, 2017

      I have a old rifle with Black Walnut stock, I used olive oil & balsamic vinegar 50/50 Kept stock sticky wet until tuned it in great! Stock looked great , like new! Make shure have some warm Italian crunchy bread to dip in leftover oil & vinegar! mmmm
  • Ama28350979
    on Sep 12, 2017

    how do I clean porcelain floor tiles,the floor has a shine do I keep it shining and clean
    • Dave Dail
      on Sep 17, 2017

      Have Popeye and Brutus do a spray buff everyday using Olive Oil of course. Ya can forget the extra virgin, too expensive besides it's hard enough to find 1 virgin in today's world let alone an extra.
  • Max25413904
    on Sep 13, 2017

    How do l clean my stainless kitchen sink?
    • Leisa Wiseman
      on Oct 4, 2017

      I use baking soda and water ... Lasting shine and no scratches
    • Dsa23334373
      on Oct 25, 2017

      I use Barkeeper's Friend - it's awesome. Cleans stainless, copper, brass, just about everything! (Don't use it on gold, silver, polished stone or painted surfaces since it is an acid.) Gentle and effective, cleans in about a minute. I had two large (3ft and 4ft) brass candlesticks that had years of wax and tarnish on them so that you couldn't really tell they were brass. After using BKF both looked brand new and only took a few minutes to clean! I use it daily on my pots and pans and kitchen sink. Find it in most department stores that sell cleansers such as Walmart or Target.
    • Sandy
      on Oct 21, 2018

      Non scratch comet is what I've used for a long time sometimes I use baking soda..helps keep the smell down to.

  • Sandy
    on Oct 15, 2017

    What kind of paint was that: oil/ latex?
  • Marge Duquette
    on Nov 7, 2017

    How to remove mold on leather boat seats not ocean fresh weter.thankyou
  • Sue in wy
    on Nov 16, 2017

    Will oil turn rancid and smell bad? (Could I use old oil?)
    • Cutthroat Charity
      on Jan 21, 2018

      Yes, oil can turn rancid & it will smell "off" or "bad" when it does (usually from being exposed to too much heat or just being VERY old-stored properly, oil can last for years). I would not use rancid oil for cooking/eating (don't know if it's safe or not, but I know it makes your food taste just like it smells-YUCK!), but I would add some good smelling essential oil (I like any of the citrus essential oils), re-label as cleaning/shining oil & use on things like wood, wicker, & ratan. *DISCLAIMER: I am just a person, not a professional, so use my advice at your own risk. I don't have enough money to bother trying to sue if something goes wrong anyway. *
    • Betty
      on Oct 8, 2018

      I use mineral oil instead of a cooking oil.

    • Sue in wy
      on Oct 8, 2018

      Thanks, Betty. Sounds like a good compromise.

  • Alice
    on Oct 8, 2018

    How does olive oil does differ from say vegetable oil’s in this application?

  • Ron33705092
    on Oct 8, 2018

    doesn’t olive oil become rancid?

    • Beth
      on Oct 8, 2018

      It can become rancid, if it is very, very old or stored in a hot place too long. No one said use rancid oil, but one respondent above suggested that if you have rancid oil, you could add some essential oil to it to make it smell better and re-label it "for cleaning only."

    • Kim
      on Oct 9, 2018

      Yes, I agree. Olive oil is still FOOD, and will eventually spoil. I'm not rubbing FOOD on my furniture and calling it clean. Sorry for the buzzkill.

    • Sjt29229935
      on Oct 29, 2018

      I, too, agree with the possibility of olive oil becoming rancid. I also wonder if it wouldn't be a magnet for dust and eventually turn into a rancid, tacky mess? You could be buying yourself a real headache. There are oils specifically blended for wood furniture, also food grade for chopping blocks. I think, in the long run, they would be the best option.

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  • Peggy Burnette
    on Dec 1, 2018

    Thank you for the great ideas.

  • Ko
    on Dec 4, 2018

    I always use olive oil on my stainless steel and my stove top. I do it often enough where it doesn't have time to get rancid.

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