Rustic Turquoise & Copper Accent Table

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I liked the curves of this unique, heavy accent table when I first saw it, but its scratches and gouges made it a perfect candidate for my "please revive me" stash of furniture pieces.
rustic turquoise copper accent table
The unusual shape of the top called for a little creativity in coming up with a design. Once I had in mind what I would do on the top, I had to pick a type of finish to paint. Choosing a color is always  so difficult ~  there are so many fabulous paint colors from Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paints (of which I am a retailer). 
rustic turquoise copper accent table
I decided on going with some blending of colors with a little bit of a rustic flare.

After prepping ( sometimes the longest part and definitely NOT the most fun), I started painting with Wise Owl Bone, and then did a wash of Wise Owl Foothill
rustic turquoise copper accent table
It looks pretty sloppy, huh? Bear with me... it's supposed to! 

 I decided on a clock face design and added a damask to the center. 

rustic turquoise copper accent table
The design was done in stain, but I had to add some bling in this rustic piece, so I used a metallic copper paint for the damask.  The stain wasn't dark enough for the clock hands to cover the copper, so I used black acrylic paint
rustic turquoise copper accent table
rustic turquoise copper accent table
It was looking okay, but this wasn't the vision I had so the next step was adding a glaze.


 I forgot to tell you an important step!  When you are using any chalk style paint, you should first seal the piece before adding glaze!  Because chalk paint is so pourous, it will grab the glaze; therefore, not allowing for as much open time to work with the glaze.  You can use various sealers, but for this piece, I used General Finishes High Performance Top Coat

Wise Owl used to make a Patina glaze, which I had on hand, so I used that. However, it wasn't the color I wanted.  So I mixed up my own glaze to add on top of the patina.

rustic turquoise copper accent table
WOW! That's pretty bright!  No worries, more steps to come.... 

I used various stains including Minwax Jacobean and Ebony and General Finishes Candlelite.

I'll warn you, working with stains takes a bit of finesse.  If you are going to try this, I suggest practicing on a sample board so you can get the feel of the stain and how they react to each other.  Of course, you must let the one stain dry before adding another stain on top.

After the stains had dried (you must wait at least three days, and probably more depending on humidity), I sealed it with the General Finishes Top Coat.  Wise Owl makes a wonderful Matte Varnish, which I love, but I wanted a bit of a sheen on this one.  We do not have a satin finish YET, but stay tuned as there is one in the works!! 
rustic turquoise copper accent table
rustic turquoise copper accent table
rustic turquoise copper accent table
rustic turquoise copper accent table
This one sold pretty quickly!  My sister saw it posted and said "I want that!"  I think I will do this finish again if I find the right piece.

I think you all know this, but I suppose it is worth mentioning that I do commissioned work as well as my own designs.  If you have a piece of furniture you would like to have updated, give me a call, shoot me an email or reach out to me on Facebook!  The holidays will be upon us before we know it (can you believe that?!) and right now I am booked through the end of September.  
rustic turquoise copper accent table
Of course, I also do custom stained artwork.  

rustic turquoise copper accent table
 I hope to have a few new stained art pieces available within the next few weeks! So stay tuned!! To see the full blog post, check out my website!

As always, thank you for following along with me!  I would love for you to visit my other social networks!!

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  • General Finishes High Performance Topcoat  (
  • MinWax Stains  (
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  • Dpbeee2
    on Sep 5, 2017

    That clock table is beautiful! Thank you.

  • Paula Matheos
    on Sep 8, 2017

    Really lovely and unique. Colors are fantastic. You have used some of my favorite decor designs, the clock face (love clocks) and damask! I'm working on an old round dresser mirror, making into a clock face, Now I must add damask into the design. Thanks for the inspiration. Off to follow you on social media!

    • M&M Embellishments
      on Sep 9, 2017

      Thank you so much, Paula!! I too love clock faces and damask! And I'm glad I was able to inspire!!

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