Flowers for the Fence

1 material
29 Minutes
Turn your fence into a year round garden!
I saw a post I believe on here of flowers on a fence. I have a little girl and loved the idea so I gave it a try. I bought 4 platters, 4 bowls and 2 pool noodles from DT. I added little acrylic jewels in the center to cover the nails. I drilled holes through the bowls and platters and nailed them to the fence below the I used a half a pool noodle for each flower as a stem And also nailed them in place. The nails kind of sink in where they aren't very visible In the noodles. My little girl loves them. Can't be 4 huge flowers for $10! Next I'm going to try my hand at making plastic bugs!
I began by drilling holes in the center of the platters. These are very thin and prone to cracking to use a very small bit but big enough for a small nail to fit through
this step is the same as the platters. I flipped them over and drilled through the back as there was a little round spot at the center. omce you have both the platters and bowls done. Stack one of each together and nail to the fence.
Cut the pool noodles in half length wise. This will give you a total of 4 stems. I nailed them to the fence beneath the flowers. One small nail at the top and one at the bottom. The nails aren't really noticeable as they sink into the foam a bit.
After the flowers were up I glued clear acrylic jewels over the flower nail heads using E6000 glue.

Suggested materials:

  • (4)Platters, (4)bowls, (2)pool noodles,(4) acrylic jewels   (Dollar Tree)

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