Asked on Aug 21, 2017

Where do you get shipping pallets?

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  • Peg
    on Aug 21, 2017

    Check your local craigslist.
  • Sylvia Parke
    Sylvia Parke
    on Aug 21, 2017

    Furniture, grocery and mega stores get pallets all the time. Talk to a manager about getting a few, we usually put ours against the fence before trash day in case anyone wants them.
  • Molly Anmar
    Molly Anmar
    on Aug 21, 2017

    Check the newspaper classifieds or Craigslist. Companies will often offer them for free.
  • Sunny C
    Sunny C
    on Aug 21, 2017

    Hello Carole; I would speak with the Manager of my local grocery stores, where I shop, and ask them if you can have any pallets.
    I have seen pallets for free, so many times.
    They are normally set behind buildings here, free for the taking!
    I hope that this helps you!!! Take Care!
  • Sharon
    on Aug 21, 2017

    Lumber yard, appliance store, furniture store, and anywhere they get big shipments like supermarkets.
  • Michele Pappagallo
    Michele Pappagallo
    on Aug 22, 2017

    Lots of times you can find these at local furniture stores, warehouses, etc. Just call around to see if there are any available in your area. Also, check your local Craigslist ads....a lot of people list them there as well.
  • Ginny
    on Aug 25, 2017

    Use Yellow Pages or internet to find a company in your area that manufactures pallets and possibly sells to the public.
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