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Our baby girl's room is (slooowly) coming along, but there never seems to be enough storage space for all of her toys, clothes, diapers, wipes, headbands, tiny shoes, socks, outfits... You get the picture!
Well, before this room was a nursery, it was a guest room, with a long ornately framed mirror hung in the middle of the wall. As we began outfitting the nursery, the mirror stayed put and things were put in their places around it. Now that baby is in her crib though, the mirror had to be moved to a less potentially hazardous area. Hence, the obvious solution to our baby room problems—wall storage in the form of crates!
Step 1: Buy some crates

I bought 2 large crates and one small crate that could slide into a larger one, perfect for holding little shoes, socks, and hair bows. I didn't measure my space before hand, instead I sort of eyeballed it.
Step 2: Plan how to hang your crates (and mark your measurements on the wall)

I had a nail in the wall already from the mirror, so I hung one crate there and held the second one under it so that I could get an idea of how they would look hung up.

This step is very important to do before you start putting any holes in the wall. Measure twice, drill once!
The picture angle makes these look weird, but they are actually level
Step 3: Hang your shelf brackets

After a little bit of brainstorming in the aisle of the hardware store, I decided that shelf brackets were my best option for hanging these crates. The crates weren't exceptionally strong and I didn't want to have to worry about them falling off the wall if I added too many packs of wipes.

I marked on the wall where my screws would go, and then I actually drilled into the wall and added plastic anchors so that the brackets would be really secure. Then, I simply screwed the brackets into the wall.
Step 4: Paint your crates (optional)

My crates were already painted in a rusty sort of hue that really didn't fit the room. You can't tell so clearly from the picture above, but I decided to spray paint the outsides of the two large crates with a Rustoleum Chalked Paint in blush. For the smaller crate, I used a dark stain over the paint, which I rubbed on with an old t-shirt (my favorite application method).
Step 5: Hang your crates

Once everything was dry and ready to go, I hung my crates up on top of the brackets. Be careful to direct your screws into the thicker corners of the crate so that they don't come through and poke you from inside.
Here it is in action! I'm already really enjoying having the diapers and wipes easily accessible instead of tucked away in a drawer of the changing table. Baby seems to enjoy checking the crates out from her crib, so they double as wall decor—win, win!

Suggested materials:

  • Wood crate
  • Chalked Rustoleum Spray Paint  (Michael's)
  • Screws  (Hardware store)
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  • Pam Smith
    on Aug 27, 2017

    When kids are old enough to stand up do these pose a problem to their safety?
    • Tikva Morrow
      on Aug 28, 2017

      The crib goes lower down, so she won't be able to reach these crates. If we were ever worried though the crib is on wheels and can be moved :)
  • Cindy Jones
    on Aug 31, 2017

    Is there anything else I can use to hang the crates up that is strong?I can't drill anything in my walls since I live I an apartment.
  • Kara Wurtzel
    on Nov 19, 2019

    I love this project! How have the crates held up?

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  • Wendy
    on Aug 23, 2017

    What a great idea Tikva! Thank you for sharing with us :)
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