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Key Wind Chime

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3 Hours

I had a bunch of keys I saved over the years. I just hated to throw them away. ( I know who saves keys? ) on one of my treasure hunts to the thrift shop. I found a wire basket. and then the big light bulb moment popped into my head! a Key wind chime is what I needed for my screened in porch! I had some artificial flowers around the house that needed a home. I stopped by the dollar store and picked up some green ribbon & brown yarn and a coco basket. took them home and made my key wind chime. I first made it with the green ribbon then made it again with the brown yarn.
key wind chime
These are my old Keys that I saved over the years. ( Don't ask me why  )
key wind chime
This is the wire basket I found. I gave $2.00 for it coco basket was about $2.00 & the yarn was maybe $3.00 give or take. The green ribbon I first used was only $1.50
key wind chime
I had saved this greenery over the years and it needed a home.
key wind chime
Hung the basket and stared tying the yarn to it
key wind chime
Then I put the coco basket in the wire basket and tied the keys all over the yarn
key wind chime
Then put the flowers in and I have a pretty wind chime! the next picture is the wind chime made with green ribbon.
key wind chime

Suggested materials:

  • Wire basket  (Thrift store)
  • Yarn,coco basket,ribbon  (Dollar store)
  • Keys  (Saved over the years)
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  • Charlotte Koch
    on Sep 10, 2018

    Why is it we just can't throw away keys? This is a great idea and I'm going to do it. I think I might also paint the keys. I loved the basket with the colored string. Great idea. Thanks.

  • Jackie
    on Apr 8, 2019

     yes I'm going to do this .I have so many key.Thank you

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