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Triptych Project

If you're like me and love triptych wall art, but shudder at the price, I have the solution. Unfortunately, I'm always so excited to work on the project, and therefore forgot to take pics of the process.
This project truly wasn't that difficult and I spent approx. $45 total (and saved myself over $450)! I started out by finding an image that I liked (in this case, it was actually a table runner on a well known company's website . . . shhh, don't tell). I downloaded the image..., and with a simple publishing program, split the image in 3rds, and saved each to a flash drive. The "materials" used were leftovers (a used muslin painter's drop cloth, primer, and black paint), and I purchased the frames which were all on sale, plus I lucked out with a 50% coupon.
Once home, I assembled each frame, cut out 3 pieces of "canvas" from my used drop cloth (giving myself plenty of allowance), threw each piece of canvas in the washer to have damp fabric to stretch, and then simply wrapped the fabric around frames and stapled in place.
While the canvas dried, I ran to an office supply store with my flash drive and had my images enlarged appropriate to my frames. They have large blue print type printers that are great and produce large copies at a reasonable cost. Once home with my copies, I took a #2 pencil to the back of each copy, and shaded along the "outline" of each image.
After the canvas was completely dry, I pulled out my primer paint and coated each canvas completely. Once that dried, I laid each canvas on my long work table and lined up each image onto the 3 canvas (making sure each image lined up with the next), and using my blue painter's tape, secured them in place and started outlining my images on their canvas. Simple process that (after removing the copies) left me with a perfect diagram on each canvas. Keeping each image close (to use as a guide for filling in the appropriate areas), I started painting with my "leftover" black paint! And Ta Da!!
triptych project, crafts, home decor, painting, wall decor
triptych project, crafts, home decor, painting, wall decor

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  • Darla
    on Jul 16, 2014

    It came out great! But you don't have to pay gallery prices to get an original piece of art. Galleries tack on 50% of the price. You can get art directly from the artist in many cases, and you might be able to make payments or barter services or items if the price is still too high. You can find local artists by going to art shows or art club meetings, or you can look online at Etsy or other places. Artists are almost always happy to talk to someone who likes their work.

  • Hildegarde
    on Dec 27, 2015

    This is great and although I am not a big lover of Triptych I love your design and could even imagine something similar in black and white on my walls. Many thanks for your idea.

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