How well does chocolate brown gray go together. Just wondering

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  • Jannette Jannette on Aug 27, 2017
    not sure I'd have those two colors together.

  • KattywhampusLOL KattywhampusLOL on Aug 27, 2017
    Hello Justakd, Looks fine to me -- look at the things in the following link and you will see what I mean:

  • Kay27246977 Kay27246977 on Aug 28, 2017
    love it!!! Obviously all in the right shades but it's very pretty

  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Aug 28, 2017
    If you mean chocolate brown and grey, what color grey? If it's a dark grey, I'd say no. A heather grey might work. Try a print with a solid. Don't make the print too busy, a small pattern will give you contrast. Good Luck!

    • Jus12214909 Jus12214909 on Aug 29, 2017
      Yes it will be a real light grey like a silver grey, Not battleship grey that would look hideous.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Aug 28, 2017
    Chocolate Brown with Silver or Green/grey or blue/grey. depends on the shade and tone......................

  • Elaine Elaine on Aug 28, 2017
    It depends on whether the gray has some warmth to it or not. If the two colors are already in the room and simply can't be changed, try adding a third color to the room as a diversion. You can add the third color in lots of ways with decor cushions, throws, a vase or bowl, etc. Do you have a lamp that is a bit too short? If so, pick up a few hard-backed books to place under the lamp. Remove the dust covers and if the covers are an unwanted color (such as red or orange) paint the covers with cheap dollar-store craft paint. There are tons of tricks to help "marry" two colors!

    • Jus12214909 Jus12214909 on Aug 28, 2017
      My walls are chocolate brown so is the trim and doors,I want to paint the walls light grey, and leave the trim and doors the same chocolate brown . I have brown curtains and vertical. Want to change the curtains to grey and maybe the vertical.
      what do you think?

  • Elaine Elaine on Aug 28, 2017
    In my first reply, I was under the impression you were "stuck" with the two colors (brown and grey) already and couldn't change them for some reason so I was suggesting a third color to break up the brown and grey. However, now, I'm getting a much clearer picture.

    In my opinion, I wouldn't do what you are thinking. Usually, but not always, trim in a house is painted white and the trim is the same color all throughthe house to create "flow" and has a consistency throughout. Right now, I have two bathrooms in a dark brown with white trim, baseboards and doors and the contrast is crisp, clean looking and looks smart. If you are intent on gray walls, I'd go quite pale so it doesn't come off as gloomy and do the trim a semi-gloss white. I'd also be hanging off-white curtains instead of gray but that's just me. Gray is a popular trendy color right now but, remember, trends are simply that ... a trend. Trends come and go. Do you remember how popular Hunter Green used to be?

    Just make sure gray is a color you really, really like and one you won't regrt in a year's time. If you absolutely hate the thought of painting your brown trim, ask your paint dealer to help you pick a warm gray for your walls (assuming your brown paint is a warm brown and not cool brown) and I really hope the warm gray walls will look okay with the brown trim! But again, if it were my house, I'd paint the trim a nice white. I know it's a lot of work down on your hands and knees painting baseboards but it REALLY will look much, much nicer!

    One final note, the reason I'm saying I'd hang an off-white curtain is again, I'm trying to avoid the room from looking too gloomy. If you do pick gray curtains, try to go not too dark. Good luck with your choices!!

  • Jus12214909 Jus12214909 on Aug 29, 2017
    I know the white trim would be best, but that's my point I don't want to do the whole room. It's really hard on me I have fibromyalgia and RA but I need to do this. My living room is grey and white and I love it. I just thought that I didn't have to go all the way. Like I said before the walls are mocha and the trim chocolate brown, I thought that being that they both are n color it would go together.
    Ok I'll try the white on the trim. Thanks for your feed back.

  • KatAych KatAych on Aug 29, 2017
    All colors can go together - it just depends on the amount and the intensity. There are suggested "rules" on what to do, but choose your own path...if you like it and it speaks to you, then go for it! It's your house, you're the one living in it, and it should please you and no one else. :-) If you're still hesitant, maybe try a small project board and live with it for awhile to see how you like it. Good luck!