Asked on Aug 28, 2017

Peeling Ceiling Paint in Bathroom

Kelly HintzElaineMermaid


Hello! Any ideas on how I can easily remove this chipping paint above my bathtub/shower and permanently prevent it from happening again? (Mold and mildew on the walls and tile has also been an ongoing issue, hence the white mold blocking primer.) I have a fan/vent already installed but it hasn't helped much. I even made sure to purchase the strongest one available at my local Home Depot!
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  • Cindy
    on Aug 28, 2017

    Hello Kelly, You need an exhaust fan with a higher CFM. (cubic feet per minute). Unfortunately the exhaust fans with higher CFM's are loud. There are some higher CFM fans with quiet exhaust but those are more expensive. I hope this helps you.
  • Jewellmartin
    on Aug 28, 2017

    If you can leave the bathroom door open except when someone is in there, it will help with ventilation. But maybe not aesthetics. When a shower is over, running the cold water only might help, and is good for your skin, too. The next time you clean the ceiling with bleach water, ventilate with a big box fan. When it is completely dry, repainted the ceiling with Kilz. Keep that big fan blowing. Another more costly solution, maybe, would be to raise the ceiling another foot, if possible. You might add a second ventilation fan. Or clean the walls of the shower every week. And definitely check for leaky pipes and drains and knobs which might be adding to the moisture. Best wishes 😇
  • Beth Stern
    Beth Stern
    on Aug 28, 2017

    Use bleach to get rid of it first. Make sure the entire area is completely dry. Then use a special anti mold paint. Once the source of the moisture has been corrected, go to your local Home Depot and buy Concrobium fungicide spray
  • O.shag
    on Aug 28, 2017

    Is the fan actually vented to the outside? To repair you need to scrape the loose layer off, sand edges then use kilz or similar product before painting entire ceiling with 2 coats of paint. It must be perfectly dry before repairing and painting and before using shower again. Maybe you can put a room fan in the room and turn it on after showering? Or keep door open slightly? Another option for ceiling is covering with faux tin panels. They're made of some type of plastic and won't peel or mold. Just be sure to apply the adhesive along the edges to seal.
    • O.shag
      on Aug 31, 2017

      Then you have another problem that needs fixing. It really needs to be vented outside. Don't know if that will solve the issues in your bathroom but at least your attic insulation won't be growing mold too.
  • Johnavallance82
    on Aug 28, 2017

    Damp! Not enough Ventilation or you have a Leak above.
  • Mermaid
    on Aug 28, 2017

    Before painting, but before and after scraping you might try to repeatedly spray the area with bleach. I keep a spray bottle in the shower area, and when it is almost dry I spray the bleach. Be sure to protect your eyes. After scraping keep doing it until all mold and mildew are gone. When you do get around to painting be sure the area is bone-dry.
  • Elaine
    on Aug 28, 2017

    You really should find out the source of the mold and may have to call in an expert. Do you have a window in the bathroom or is it windowless? Have you done the "Kleenex" test on your vent? Turn the vent on, climb up on a stool and place a Kleenex under the vent ... the vent SHOULD hold the Kleenex in place while it's running. If the tissue falls to the floor, the vent is useless so get your money back.
  • Kelly Hintz
    Kelly Hintz
    on Aug 30, 2017

    Thanks to everyone who answered my question! Time for me to get to work on my bathroom...
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