Asked on Aug 29, 2017

Best way to remove gum from jeans?!



Help! I sat in gum  I read that ice can help- tried it but there's still residue left. Any other solutions?
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  • Abigaillee66
    on Aug 29, 2017

    Ahh that's the worst!
  • Vonnie Turner
    Vonnie Turner
    on Aug 29, 2017

    Rub peanut butter on the gum and let sit. Then scrub with brush, should be gone. Wash immediately so oil from pb doesn't stain garmet.
  • Flipturn
    on Aug 29, 2017

    Put the jeans in a deep freeze, or if you can, in the freezer part of the fridge to freeze hard the gum. When you remove the jeans from the freezer, you should be able to chip, or crack the frozen gum off .
  • Janet Panos
    Janet Panos
    on Aug 29, 2017

    Hello! The only way I have ever been able to remove gum from my kids' hair is by smooshing peanut butter into the gum. The gum becomes more mushy rather than sticky and can be gently pulled out. Of course you wouldn't want to put peanut butter on your jeans -- especially if they are designer jeans. So, the best method would be to wrap an ice cube in a baggie and hold directly on the gum. The gum will harden. Then scrape the gum off with a butter knife or credit card. If needed, repeat. Good luck!
  • Nancy
    on Aug 29, 2017

    Try putting the jeans in the freezer and the gum should chip off; at least it did for me. Using an ice cube didn't work.
  • Patricia
    on Aug 29, 2017

    Regular Good Off will dissolve the gum and will have to be treated later where the gum was with Dawn liquid . Had five children, removed gum from hair, walls, carpets and clothing. Good luck honey.
  • Kay
    on Aug 29, 2017

  • Kath
    on Aug 29, 2017

    Try Peanutbutter than freeze your jeans with P.B. on it. It worked with my three children.
  • Caitlyn
    on Aug 29, 2017

    Put a piece of ice on the spot where the gum is, let it melt for a while, the gum with freeze and you can pick it off. No mess.  Hope it helps!
  • Carol
    on Aug 29, 2017

    Peanut butter definitely. Next spray the spot with hairspray (cheap is good from Dollar Store) and wash. Hairspray will cut the grease created by the peanut butter.
  • Chubby58
    on Aug 29, 2017

    Agree with Caitlyn and Kay, put a piece of ice on it. It will pop right off!
  • Ruth P. Hakulin
    Ruth P. Hakulin
    on Aug 29, 2017

    Have you tried GooOff. It removes gummy labels and tape. If the ice doesn't work, try that, but just small amounts on a cotton ball.

  • Gloria
    on Aug 29, 2017

    Did you try peanut butter then wash with for stain detergent.
  • Donna Howell
    Donna Howell
    on Aug 29, 2017

    WD40 will remove the gum
  • Darlenestrenn
    on Aug 29, 2017

    freeze garment. gum should come off

  • Sheryl Hummel Bahl
    Sheryl Hummel Bahl
    on Aug 29, 2017

    I just saw a video on FB last week that showed people removing gum from denim using duct tape. Cover the gum with the tape and rip it off.
  • Marie Wilson
    Marie Wilson
    on Aug 29, 2017

    Let ice cube set on it for a few mins and crape off with finger nails or smooth side of butter knife
  • Melanie
    on Aug 29, 2017

    you can also spray with hair spay let sit and scrape then wash
  • Ag Castor
    Ag Castor
    on Aug 29, 2017

    Chipping off frozen is a good start. You'll need an oily substance to lift any remainder-- GooOff, WD40, SkinSoSoft, peanut oil, whatever. Yes, it will leave a greasy spot, but on denim, you can just use your regular presoak and wash in hot water for that, or even stretch over a metal bowl and pour boiling water through it. Done.
  • Janice
    on Aug 29, 2017

    Have you tried putting ice directly on the gum? It should freeze it enough to harden it to be able to pull some of it off of the jeans. You may have to do this several times but it should work.

  • Dona
    on Aug 30, 2017

    I used goo gone. My kids sat in gum, (Easter Sunday, dress pants) also got it on the car seat. Came off with the goo gone and then washed their pants. I think I squirted a little dawn dish soap before I put them in the washer. Came off and couldn't tell.
  • Patricia
    on Sep 4, 2017

    rub it in and see what happens. Any with a good grease cutter should do..

  • Patricia
    on Sep 4, 2017

    Gum isn't made with chicle as it was when I was a kid, it's all synthetic and looses it's flavor.
  • Teri
    on Sep 5, 2017

    I agree with freezing then peanut butter. If you use peanut butter or any oil just cover with BABY POWDER and let sit overnight them wash as usual. I use the powder on everything from my kitchen tablecloth to all my clothes. hasn't let me down yet
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