Asked on Aug 31, 2017

How do you remove eyebrow from sheets?

RitaSharonCynthia H


I washed my sheets and a eyebrow pencil someho got in the wash. Melted in the dryer. How do I ge it off. Help!☹️

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  • Sunny C
    Sunny C
    on Aug 31, 2017

    Hello Rosalie; I researched this for you. I hope that one of these hints will work well for you!! Take Care! › Home & Garden › Stain Removal › Make-up Stains

  • B. Enne
    B. Enne
    on Sep 1, 2017

    See my response to your other post.
  • MadameRã
    on Sep 1, 2017

    I have experienced something like this a few times{Doing make-up on my bed with set up mirrors,& dropping a eyebrow pencil & the heat from body or electric blankets have messed good light sheets..)
    Anyway it really does depend on the quality of sheets here,& as mine are medium to high grade, i obviously tried the so called best products~ but alas no help(more waste of dollars)...*I am considered an expert for solving problems,& prefer naturally BUT was finding these methods not working too.. however..
    •Please be careful on dark coloured sheets..
    I did find a very good product, though for extra strength i did do a mix.. Firstly the product is called StainGo; it is fantastic on its own though works that bit better with bought lime juice in a bottle. Spray the areas' properly on both sides of the marks, wait just a minute then with using make-up cleaning facial pads, place a few drops of lime juice onto the pad then press on the affected area/s.... As said i only have decent quality linen, though this technique i have found to work as one needs to understand whats in make-up in general( i do understand this additionally;& i will say that i only use top graded//low to no chemical make-up 'anythings' due to being with a serious medical condition..) ~ I granted this info so you will understand that CHEAP make-up products can cause further damage, even to your linen:), i must say this as i have not tested this formula of mine on anything Low Graded & will not while i am allowed to live. If you believe you are doing the right thing with use of make-up's on your skin then my answer will work.
    *Like a skin test, i would suggest you test on a pillow case, as if that requires replacing it won't cost the earth then.
    Wishing you only the best,
  • Rosalie
    on Sep 1, 2017

    Thanks for your reply.
  • Cynthia H
    Cynthia H
    on Sep 1, 2017

    When in doubt, I use Goof off or Sticky out. Remove as much as you can first and then treat.
  • Sharon
    on Sep 1, 2017

    I would think since eyebrow pencil is waxy, you could put an ice cube on any blob of wax, then scrape it off. The other option with wax is to use a soft cotton clothe over it and a hot iron to absorb it out. Then deal with any dark areas by scrubbing under hot water and a toothbrush and dawn.
  • Rita
    on Sep 1, 2017

    Home Depot in the paint dept. has a spray called Krud Kutter. It's amazing. Removes oil, crayon, marker, lots of stuff. It's great.
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