Art of Decorating - Some Basic Do's & Dont's of Hanging Wall Art

Art of decorating - some basic do's & dont's of hanging wall artSome people enjoy decorating their ambiance be it their room, their home or even their office cubicle. For some decorating is intimidating, some do not care about decorating while some are scared of their choices. Some may think decorating needs extra budget and is all about adding accessories to enhance the look and feel of the space,Well decorating definitely adds glamour to the space but it is more about creating a space that is stress free & tension free and functional to the person living in. While the basic furnishing of a space is a personal preference and the tips on it will be discussed in another post, in this blog post we will discuss art of decorating - some basic do's & dont's of hanging wall artChoose a decor accessory that tunes in with the look of the space.for e,g while a modern art doesn't go with a traditional home, an ethnic wall hanging looks odd in a completely contemporary space.The size wall art should be proportionate to the space where it will be hungfor e.g a 9 ft long sofa needs a wall art which covers at least 2/3rd of the wall space behind i.e art should be at least 6 ft longAlways hang any wall decor at an eye level. Middle of the wall decor should hang 55 - 60" from the floor.Invest some time to decide where and how to hang anything on the wall. Visible nail holes or crooked hanging calls for unpleasant attention. If you are planning on a collection of arts/ photos to create a gallery effect. Make sure the space between the art is 2 - 3 inches, this way they look cohesive and not cluttered.When small on space floating shelves on walls gives us additional storage while clearing off floor space. Make sure you read their instructions on hanging and acceptable weight limits before you buy them.Design TIP: Ethnic decor with its rich hues & textures pleasantly juxtapose any space, so whatever your design style is Essential Ethnics is what you need to liven up & breathe life into your home.Check out Decorating with Tapestries/ Wall hangings

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