How to Build Raised Beds Using Pallets

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Hi everyone! Welcome to my garden. I grow vegetables in raised beds since it is more convenient, useful, and attractive. Raised garden beds can be quite expensive, so I want to show you how you can make your own raised garden beds from pallets!

You might have heard that pallet wood isn't safe to use for garden beds where you will be planting vegetables. Here is what you should look for. There should be a stamp on the side of the pallet showing how the wood has been treated. The only one you have to be wary of is MB (which stands for methyl bromide), since the chemical in it can leach in to the food.
1st step is to roll the pallets to where you want them to be in the garden. Watch the video to see my technique for doing this easily.

Here's the stamp on the side of the pallet referenced above.

Now use a jigsaw, circular saw, or handsaw to cut the slats of wood.

We have a bunch of pieces of wood that we want to all make the same size.
These planks are held together on long wooden rails 2 and half by 2 centimeters which allows for enough grip for the nail.
It's time to nail the planks in to the long wood rails. I used 40mm nails

While pallet wood is treated for the weather, I like the look of stained wood, so I went ahead and stained three of the four boards.
Time to put the bed together. After connecting the four sides, I drilled small wood rail along the middle and filled the bed with dirt.
Finally time to put capping along the edges of the top of the pallet garden bed to give it a beautiful finished look. Hope you enjoyed! For more please watch the video and come visit my channel for other exciting videos :)

Suggested materials:

  • Pallet wood   (local DIY store (free))
  • Nails   (local DIY store)
  • Decking stain   (local DIY store)
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