Sweater Stool DIY

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Have an old footstool that's seen better days?
Well, give it a spa day... a little pampering, some paint and a cozy new sweater and it'll be refreshed and ready for another decade!

Supplies =
Wooden footstool
Old sweater (As I had none I was willing to sacrifice, I found mine at Goodwill)
Staple gun with 1/4" staples

Directions =
1. Unscrew and remove padded top*
2. Lightly sand and paint stool
3. Pull sweater over padded top
4. Pull tight and staple on the bottom
5. Trim sweater
6. Once paint has dried, screw padded top back on
***If your stool is just a wood topped stool, you make your own padded top by wrapping batting over the top and stapling to the bottom. Then cut the sweater larger than the stool top, pull tight over batting and staple at bottom.***
Supplies include footstool, old sweater and paint of your choice.
Unscrew padded top, lightly sand stool and paint
While paint is drying, slip sweater over padded top
Pull sweater tight over the top, staple at bottom with staple gun and 1/4"staples. Trim sweater
Once the paint has dried, screw the padded top back on. Then, put your feet up and enjoy!

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