DIY Cardboard Stool - Looks Like Wood!

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Sometimes, you can make furniture out of materials you would never have imagined. Usually stools are made of wood or logs, maybe plastic. I will show you how you can make one out of cardboard!

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To make this happen you will need 8 large cardboard boxes, white glue, bitumen from Judea, and kraft paper. Here are the basic steps. Please watch the video for the full tutorial.
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First, I cut all the boxes to 35cm wide width and break the cardboard like this so it will wrap easily.  Then break the cardboard like this so it will wrap easily.  Start rolling the first cardboard box and place glue as you roll so it will adhere. Use tape to secure the end of the roll. 
We now repeat this process with the next cardboard box and keep doing it for a few more boxes. Keep using glue.  Next we will cover the cardboard roll with kraft paper. Cut it to size and spread glue to glue it around the roll. Cut small slats on top to be able to fold down the kraft paper and glue it to the top. 

I then spread more glue around the top and bottom of the cardboard roll and glued kraft paper to both sides. Then spread one more coat of glue before painting or finishing the outside.
To decorate, use paint, fabric, or bitumen from Judea. I chose to finish with bitumen from Judea which is imitation wood. Paint each part with bitumen and let it dry fully.  See how to coat it in the video below. After drying, soak a sponge or cloth rag with turpentine and and wipe in parts of the stool to remove parts of the bitumen. Here is the beautiful result. See this technique in the video below.
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Suggested materials:

  • Cardboard
  • Glue

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