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$.50 Garage Sale Sign to Beach Welcome Sign

A homely $.50 find turned into a Hawaiian welcome for my entry way with a little homemade chalk paint, some unicorn spit, glue and sea shells.
Time: 2 Hours Cost: $1 Difficulty: Easy
Before. It was lightweight and I knew just what to do and the exact place for it
I had some leftover homemade chalk paint in a copy of Annie Sloan Provence blue. I have a list of other brands colors that are a pretty close match to Annie Sloans colors. Some brands you can buy a good sized sample and that's usually more than enough for making chalk paint with powdered calcium carbonate and a little water.
Using a cheap chip brush I gave it two coats of the Provence blue. The angels kept showing thru. I let that dry about an hour. Chalk paint dries pretty quickly.
Next I grabbed some grace c Hummingbird sparkle spit and painted the bottom section of the board over the chalk paint. I was trying to make it look like the ocean.
Zia teal next. I brushed that lightly over the top half of the board to add a sky. Leaving some of the Provence blue showing makes it look like mountains off in the distance.
I added a little white ning unicorn spit to make clouds swirling at the top.
Using white ning and some sticky stencils I painted on "E Komo Mai" which is "Welcome" in Hawaiian. I lightly sprayed the sign with rust oleum sealer. The sealer is shown in the picture below the sign with the shells.
i painted some sea shells from Joann Fabric with Patina peacock spit and sprayed then with rustoleum sealer. Then I glued them to the sign by using a small brush and some E6000 glue around the edges and pressing the shells to the sign.
Last step - hang it in my entryway which as the worst lighting in the world so pictures look terrible.
I don't have a pic of the E6000 glue by itself but here's what it looks like with some sea glass from another project.

Materials used for this project:

  • Unicorn spit   (Various vendors)
  • Latex paint made into chalk paint with calcium carbonate powder and water   (Hardware or paint store samples)
  • Rustoleum spray sealer   (Hardware stores)
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