Paint my 1927 Craftsman-style brick bungalow -- or not?

I have a one-and-a- half story Craftsman-style brick bungalow that was built in 1927. I have been contemplating painting the brick, as I really love that look. HOWEVER, my bricks have a very rough textured surface and wide pointing between them. I am concerned that because of the character of the bricks and how the façade was built with the bricks far apart that I won't get the look I'm wanting once they're painted. Is there a way to know in advance of actually committing to the painting part how my house might look?
And I'm learning that there are several ways of painting brick -- white wash, German Smear (or Schmear?), etc. -- so how do I choose one, or do I even go down that road?
ANY advice will be greatly appreciated!

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  • Shirley Gilleland Shirley Gilleland on Sep 08, 2017
    I love painted brick too, but you may be referring to rock. If it is rock, I would not paint it. Just paint wood trim, not the rocks.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Sep 08, 2017
    Keep in mind once you paint the brick you will be committed to the upkeep .Personally I would opt to clean it and let it be the natural state you liked to begin with
  • Bren Bren on Sep 08, 2017
    Without seeing actual pictures it's difficult to make a recommendation. However, red brick with a light mortar in between is not the look I care for. If that were the case, I would definitely paint it. For me it depends on the contrast between the brick and the mortar. If they are similar I can live with it. If there is a big contrast, I would definitely paint it.
  • Cheryl Dunn Davis Cheryl Dunn Davis on Sep 08, 2017
    Not rock. Definitely brick. Will see if I can get a photo in daylight tomorrow. Thanks!
  • V Smith V Smith on Sep 08, 2017
    I am not a fan of brick unless it is on a Philadelphia townhouse. However, there are things to consider before you launch into a change. How much does the brick speak to the craftsman style of you house. Are there similar houses in you neighborhood with painted brick? How long will you live in that house? How often are you going to be willing to paint or have the bricks repainted. Bricks are porous and when your house gives up moisture some of it will travel through the walls and into the bricks. Will your paint trap moisture?
  • B. Enne B. Enne on Sep 08, 2017
    I personally don't think it is a great idea, since it often doesn't wear well: peeling, bricks crumble. You can however have it dyed/stained, and it breathes much better, since it penetrates the brick. I have seen the designer Sarah Richardson do it on a house she flipped.
    Idk this company, but they seem to do this. Perhaps there is a similar one in your area:

  • B. Enne B. Enne on Sep 08, 2017
    Here is the brick in Sarah Richardson's house before (brownish red) and after (gray). The after looks more natural IMO, than with paint.
  • Cheryl Dunn Davis Cheryl Dunn Davis on Sep 09, 2017
    Rose, I will take look at the examples you provided shortly. Your help is much appreciated. Thanks!
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