Step 1: Cut a potato in half

Make sure the surface is large enough to put a cookie cutter on top of it.

Step 2: Push a cookie cutter into the potato

Press the cutter at least 3/4" into the potato.

Step 3: Cut away the potato around the cutter

Cut as close to the end of the cookie cutter as possible.

Step 5: Clean the edges

You're left with a beautiful cut-out, ready for stamping.

Step 6: Press the potato stamp into the ink

Remember to use fabric-safe ink, which contains dye-based ink.

Step 7: Start stamping

Use different types of stamps to mix and match patterns.

Step 8: Set your table & blow guests away!

These potato-stamped tea towels are simple to make, budget-friendly and make great gifts.

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Step 1: Pour out 1 cup of soda ash mixture

Soda ash: a pre-treatment wash for fabric to make dye adhere and be colorfast.

Step 2: Mix in 1 gallon of water

Make sure all the soda ash has dissolved.

Step 3: Submerge your fabric in the mixture

Be sure the fabric is completely immersed in the water.

Step 4: Allow fabric to soak for 15 minutes

Once the 15 minutes is up, wring out all the excess water from your fabric.

Step 5: Place fabric on a rack over a pan

Add twists and bunches throughout to create a more intriguing design.

Step 6: Cover your fabric with ice

Don't worry if you can't reach the edges of the fabric because the dye will spread throughout as the ice melts.

Step 7: Sprinkle Procion Dye over the ice

Feel free to do a mixture of colors or just one.

Step 9: Rinse the fabric (wear rubber gloves)

Rinse your dyed fabric in cold water until it runs clear and wring out any excess water.

Step 10: Invite everyone to a dreamy picnic

What a beautiful piece to take for a day in the park!

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Step 1: Mix acrylic paint with fabric medium

This allows the acrylic paint to become fabric-ready.

Step 2: Spread shaving cream on a cookie tray

Spread a thick layer of cream evenly across the entire tray.

Step 3: Drip spots of paint onto the cream

You can choose whatever color scheme you'd like!

Step 5: Lay the napkin on top of the cream

Carefully place it face down on top of the shaving cream and paint mixture.

Step 6: Scrape off shaving cream with a ruler

Be sure to wipe the scraping tool clean before repeating this step.

Step 7: Stretch the napkin and let it dry

Put it in the dryer at medium-high heat or place a sheet of paper on top of the fabric and iron it on a dry setting.

Step 8: Surprise your family at dinner!

To make another napkin you should repeat the process rather than reusing the painted shaving cream leftovers.