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How to Make a Bonsai From a Normal Pot Plant

Here I found a lovely little plant at a yard sale and the stump was just right to turn. Into a bonsai
Time: 40 Minutes Cost: $20 Difficulty: Easy
I bought this bonsai at a yard sale for $10 it just had a look about it that made me think this would be good look for a plant or tree that is only about up to 30/40 cm in height and if it has a nice trunk /stump
I used a old small stone bathroom sink I had but a pot around the same size width as the branches of the tree is fine but a shallow pot is good it helps with the tree not getting to big
some dirt and deceptive rocks and if you have moss around your yard is also good to get a grass effect
place little mesh over the hole in what ever pot you use as it will stop the soil from falling through the pot
remove your plant from its pot and remove all the soil gently from around the roots at this point u can trim some of the roots so it fits in the pot the main thick room can be cut but try to avoid cutting to many of the little roots as it is those that the plant uses to drink the water
Place plant into the soil
and gradually add dirt around to fill it up making sure to get the soil back into all the roots pressing gently as you tip it up
npwnis one to decorate around the base of the plant how you would like It
You can then take off any small growth that isn't a branch u want the plant to have more branches to be seen so. I take off anything that is growing near the main stem and make each branch stand out by removing them little bits
by clearing any little bits of new growth keep the plant tidy looking I have only cut a few for now and maybe in a few weeks once the plant settles I may remove more now is time to give the plant a nice drink and remember to give a small drink each day bonsai must live outside thisbplant I used is a jade plant they are very hardy and grow most areas

Materials used for this project:

  • Plant with a nice looking stump   (Yard sale but u may even have 1 already around your yard)
  • Dirt   (I had already from the plant I used)
  • A small pot bonsai pot but I used a very small sink I had   (Yard sale)
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