What can I do to change this boring brick fireplace?

I don't like this brick and not crazy about the mantel either, what products could be used to change it besides paint?
q what can i do to change this boring brick fireplace
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Sep 11, 2017
    You can whitewash the fireplace,paint the mantel,change out the fireplace screen,and your decor on the mantel.
  • Staci Staci on Sep 11, 2017
    look at white wash techniques. They are really easy and really nice looking
  • Sharon Sharon on Sep 11, 2017
    Do a German Schmear with joint compound.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBQFvb-5xVo
    You could paint and distress existing mantel, or get a live-edge log, or old barn beam for rustic look.
    You could also mount the TV on the fireplace. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/45810121192522811/
  • Cheryl Markham Cheryl Markham on Sep 11, 2017
    You could tile it?!
  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Sep 12, 2017
    How about whitewashing it for an upgraded look?
  • Jan Loehr Jan Loehr on Sep 12, 2017
    All good suggestions for whitewashing the bricks...I would definitely move your TV far away from the fireplace...it looks like you just dumped it there its presence there interferes with the fireplace as the focal point of the room. I would also take down that mirror you have leaning against the wall it reflects the ceiling fan in your photo and it does nothing as a focal point above the mantel...do not know how tall your bricks go above the mantel but you need a large somewhat tall vertical wall hanging to bring the eye up to that area...maybe a painting or metal or wood carved piece for visual interest...I would also remove the screen as it seems too large for your space and makes the fireplace look very small and narrow.. some other decorative objects on either side of the fireplace opening would add some interest there as well...this is a project that would best be served if you take your time and just add as you see what you like...do this in sections..the area above the mantel first, then decide what to do below...definitely start with the whitewash brick then paint the mantel in a soft shade which complements your bricks...soft gray or taupe somewhat neutral would look beautiful...good luck!
    • Buckysmomtoo Buckysmomtoo on Sep 13, 2017
      Thank you for all your suggestions, I will definitely take them to heart. The TV by the fireplace, you're not going to believe, that's the only place for it! I hate it there, but no other way! Too many doorways and windows in this room! Thanks again!
  • Sandy Sandy on Sep 12, 2017
    I would paint the mantel black and get a smaller and simpler fire place screen in black. Change your decor on the mantel. I'm thinking items in pewter colors maybe with a pop of color such as red or tourqoise. Leave the brick alone
  • Shari Shari on Sep 13, 2017
    I white washed my fireplace. Bucket of lime dust and paint brush is all you need!! Dip paint brush in water, then in lime dust then brush on to brick. In an hour you have a white washed fireplace!!!!!
  • Buckysmomtoo Buckysmomtoo on Sep 13, 2017
    Thank you, I will definately take your suggestions!