Asked on Sep 11, 2017

Should we pay roofers $345 extra for lifetime warranty on shingles?

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We are in our late 60's. There is a shingle that has a 25 year warranty or the lifetime? Would appreciate opinions.

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  • Dorothy
    on Sep 11, 2017

    No, you don't need the extra warranty.

  • KattywhampusLOL
    on Sep 11, 2017

    I would think the 25 year warranty should be sufficient simply because that warranty means the shingles will be effective for AT LEAST 25 years (and more than likely longer than that ... how long have you had the shingles on your home before replacing them?) .... don't be shiested with a "lifetime" warranty when the 25 year warranty will probably be all you'll need.
  • William
    on Sep 11, 2017

    Doesn't sound kosher to me. Shingle warranties are basically provided from the manufacturer and not the roofer. Roofers warranty is generally for labor only. Tell the roofer you want to see the warranty paperwork before you make a decision and shell out the extra money. Also you want to know what brand, type, and style of shingle they will use. You can call the manufacturer or check their website. You can even check with Home Depot, Lowes, or Menards on shingle warranties. Your roofer will more likely be purchasing the shingles from one of them. Personally, something seems fishy to me.
  • Barb
    on Sep 11, 2017

    I think they are trying to re- invent the wheel and make money off you, they already have a time line on how long they will last from the shingle manufacturers. Don't buy into that.
  • A
    on Sep 11, 2017

    a lifetime warranty is only as good for as long as your roofer remains in business.
  • Janet Pizaro
    Janet Pizaro
    on Sep 11, 2017

    FYI make sure you have everything in writing ,and it is true it is only good if they stay in buisness. Before you do anything I would contact consumer affairs
  • Sharon
    on Sep 12, 2017

    I'd find a more reputable company, warranties are from the manufacturer. Scam alert.
    • Sharon
      on Sep 12, 2017

      I would at least look these guys up and any replacement you chose on your State Contractor's Licensing Board, and see if they have a license, if they have insurance, and if they have complaints.
      I can assure you they will be out of business before you can make a claim. ask them the brand shingles and look up online.
  • Jean Devaney
    Jean Devaney
    on Sep 12, 2017

    I wouldn't..... but if u live where there is a lot of hail or lots of storms, shingles can be replaced ( not necessary to replace the whole roof)
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