How do you clean an area in the carpet?

It's been there for a while. Our older dog was ill, and had a few accidents. I treated them right away, but it looks like they have bled through the carpet. Any ideas will be helpful. Thank you!

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  • Gail Gail on Sep 13, 2017
    I would get some powdered Oxyclean and mix with hot water. Use a big white towel or rag (which should be very clean) and submerge the towel in the Oxyclean, wring out as best as you can, because it is hot, then put towel on top of stain and stand on it, place weight on it, I have bricks I wrapped in plastic wrap, and leave alone, hopefully overnight. The next day you should see the stain is now on the towel. Keep going if it's a big stain, keep water hot and keep towel clean as possible.
  • There are a number of commercial products just for this purpose. I like vinegar and baking soda. Or club soda and baking soda. I do not have a "recipe" - I just sprinkle with baking soda and take an old towel saturated with club soda or vinegar and blot it, then stick a heavy frying pan on top for awhile then remove and let dry then vacuum.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Sep 13, 2017
    Try using Natures Miracle available at pet stores
  • Peg Peg on Sep 13, 2017
    I would have it steam cleaned.
  • Lanie Lanie on Sep 13, 2017
    Natures Miracle is amazing. Available at Petsmart, Petco, Amazon.
  • Carol Harris Carol Harris on Sep 13, 2017
    I'm not sure what kind of carpet you have, but I have berber, I have a dog also, and he's had a few accidents on the carpet, I tried everything from the pet store, nothing worked, but one thing I tried was baking soda, I just sprinkled it on the area and let it dry, then used my shampooed on it, also here's another tip, this one is hard to believe, but it worked for me, just a plain bar of Lava hand soap, it was the best thing I found takes the stain and dirt right out, be sure and rinse it well. Good luck
  • Darrel Rose Darrel Rose on Sep 13, 2017
    White Vinegar and a little dishwashing soap added to a 1/4 to half bucket of water and wipe but not scrub the carpet until it has either faded or washed away, if the stain is too old it will not completely wash away then rinse with clear clean water but not too much or else you will flood the padding under the carpet once you have removed some of the vinegar and detergent then blot with a towel white only or something that is not colored and will absorb plenty of water, absorb as much of the water as you can till nearly dry to the touch then put on some baking soda allow to sit for a couple of days while that is doing you can cover that with a dry towel so baking soda will not be tracked throughout your home then when a few days is up just vacuum up, your spot should be clean and stain free and very odor free so the dog won't re soil the area again
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