Make Your Pumpkin Look Magical Before You Can Say Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo

This time you're the Fairy Godmother! Turn a pumpkin into...

By Leah Fried

Step 1: Measure your pumpkin

You want to make sure it will be the appropriate size for your bowl to fit within

Step 3: Scoop out the insides

Set some newspaper down for a nice and easy clean up

Step 4: Draw a fun edge using your ruler

Draw some fun triangular angles to the top rim of your pumpkin as a guide

Step 5: Cut triangles

Cut all of your triangular shapes away from the top of the pumpkin rim leaving a fun jagged edge

Step 6: Spread glue on the edges

Spread glue with a paint brush along the top edge keeping with the angles of the triangular cuts

Step 7: Sprinkle glitter on the edges

Make sure you didn't leave an empty gluey spot

Step 8: Place your bowl

Place your bowl down in the opening of the pumpkin. If it doesn't fit, just scoop away some more

Step 9: Fill it up with ice & drinks

Put some snacks inside like some popcorn or chips if you want!

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A magical way to turn a plastic treat pumpkins to last for ever front door decore

Step 1: Mix cement + peat moss & perlite 2:1

The mix was approximately 2 parts concrete to 1 part each of the peat moss & perlite

Step 2: Add water and cement color

Add enough water to make a thick cottage cheese type texture

Step 3: Fill the plastic pumpkin with mix

Make sure that it's filled all the way to the top

Step 4: Stick a rail road spike for stems

Push the "stem" right down the center

Step 5: After 2 days, remove the plastic mold

Use a utility knife to slice down the sides and peal it right off

Step 6: Place the concrete pumpkin & showoff

Turned around they work right through Thanksgiving!

Step 1: Cut the top & scoop out the inside

You may lay a big piece of parchment paper on your work surface to keep it clean

Step 3: Install shank

Connect two parts of the shank (the outside and the inside) by twisting

Step 4: Attach faucet

Ensure that the rubber seal was inserted in to the back of the faucet

Step 5: Add your favorite drink

Make sure your faucet is in the "off" position--sitting straight up--or you'll have a mess on your hands!