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Last year , my home state was devastated by a flood the likes of which we had never seen (and we have survived some horrific hurricanes) but this was something totally else . The predominant factor that everyone had to deal with after was mold--everywhere and on everything from the walls to the furniture .

If you can get to the clothing and bedding in the first day, bring it to a washateria and wash in hot water and Pine Sol, then a regular wash cycle with detergent . Some you can save , some not . Real wood furniture can treated and cleaned with orange oil which most furniture companies sell or Amazon ! Any particle board is ruined . Throw it out . Any flooring besides tile is ruined. Rip it up and get it out of your home .

Lastly , don't throw away your treasured photos . Separate carefully and set out to dry. There were some incredibly gracious souls here last year (professional photographers ) that offered free restoration . I'm hoping someone steps up again .

My thoughts and prayers are with you all .
I didn't put a cost on this project because it wasn't a project and you cannot put a price on someone's entire life's belongings on the side of road .
This is very good mold remediation product we used.
Be sure to cut out at least twelve inches above the water line when cutting out sheet rock .
We found that orange oil worked best to help clean and restore my in laws antique wood furniture .
I didn't put a price on this because you it wasn't a project and can't put a price on the sum total of people's lives when they soaked in flood water on the side of the road for pickup .
I know how morbid that sounds but don't give up ! My husband and I actually rebuilt his mother's home and his father and step mother's house pretty much by our selves . As many of you will find, honest licensed contractors will be hard to find and will have a long wait list . Don't be afraid to utilize sites like this one to get your hands dirty and get the job done .

Suggested materials:

  • Razor knife for cutting dry wall  (Lowe's)
  • Concrobium mold remediation  (Lowe's)
  • Orange oil  (Had it)
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  • Clement Reed
    on Jan 16, 2019

    how rid of black mold on caulk in shower

    • C. D. Scallan
      on Jan 16, 2019

      Strip the caulk out, clean really well, and reapply the caulk. In the meantime, look for the source of extra moisture. It's your shower, so it's going to have some, but why isn't it drying up after you get out?

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  • MJ
    on Nov 17, 2018

    Washing machine mold removal

    • C. D. Scallan
      on Nov 17, 2018

      The new high efficiency washing machines have a setting that you can use, clean washer or something to that effect. If you don't have a setting like that, just run it with nothing in it and set the water temperature to the hottest setting. Add a cup of chlorine bleach to the water and the rinse cycle.

      I don't have experience with front loading washers but I'm told that you can gently remove the rubber gasket and clean it and behind also. I hope this helps!

  • Michael Barnes
    on Jun 17, 2020

    Don't forget to renew your wall paints after the flood (some good tips here).

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