Solar Lamp Made From Scrap Wood

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Hello again Hometalkers! I just posted my solar light tower and now I want to show you the other solar light I made for my porch!
This is what I made...
I had made a standing lamp with string lights for the porch a few months ago. It would fall over with the slightest breeze and was driving me crazy! It had to go but I still needed some light out there at night. I came up with a smaller version of the standing lamp by using some of the parts from old lamp. This was the bottom of the old lamp. A circle of wood I cut out of plywood and a bun foot glued together and...
I added a thicker pole this time. I used a shovel handle cut in half. I drilled a starter hole in the bottom and then screwed it onto the bun bottom I had already made. I also had a plain white lampshade and it fit right on the pole. I glued the metal ring on the shade to the pole with a small piece of grip material wrapped around the top of the pole so it would not slip down. I also thought the grip material would work great with the light solar light I made.
I got a great deal on an 8 pack of solar lights from Amazon for $20! I only need one light for this project. That is only $2.50 per light! That is an awesome price for a solar light!
I took apart the solar light because I wouldn't be needing the cover or the bottom part only the sensor would be needed for this project! Where I wanted the light to go only had about 3 or 4 inches of space so I needed to come up with ...another idea... ? I was looking through all the glass materials and found this little square votive candle holder. Perfect size!! The sensor fit right on top and with a little bit of clear packing tape that will hold it in place on top of the glass. I also put a small mirror inside the glass as a reflector for the light bulb. Makes it brighter just like the reflector on the bottom of the original solar light.
See how it fit in/on the pole and shade. The grip material on the pole holds it in place and you can't see it from the outside, it just looks like a lamp! 
I received a gift a few days after I made the lamp. A beautiful stencil and knew I had to use that on the plain white shade!
I have other stencils but nothing I wanted to put on this shade. It came out awesome!
This is the finished lamp! I really love this one and we have had some windy days lately here and it hasn't fallen over once! Hooray!!! It isn't the brightest light but it is enough to sit around and see! Now I have 2 solar lights on the porch and I love them both! It was not hard to make, only took about 2 hours total with paint drying time. I'm all about instant gratification!  If I make something that doesn't end up working out for whatever reason, I have no problem with fixing it or trying something totally different. Remember that perfect is a state of mind and improvement is always good! If I can do this so can you! Thanks for looking and I love all comments!

Suggested materials:

  • Lamp shade   (on hand)
  • Solar lights   (Amazon)
  • Scrap wood   (on hand)
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