2 rooms were built onto the back of our mobilhome they are made out of cinder blocks we keep getting mold in the winter months really need some help on what to do to resolve this problem ?

  • Woodbridge Environmental
    Woodbridge Environmental Colonia, NJ
    on Feb 25, 2014

    Shellley, mold needs moisture and food to grow. Is the cement block painted? If so, the mold is growing on the surface of the paint. Its the food it needs to grow. Simply clean it well using a good bathroom cleaner. Not bleach it does not work as well as you would think. Once dry repaint using a paint that has an anti-microbial additive to it. The bigger issue you have is the moisture. Until you can identify the source of the moisture on the block, the mold will continue to come back. Stop the moisture, you will stop the mold. If you have a way to post one or two photos of exactly what this mold looks like and perhaps one of the room itself. I may be able to provide you with additional information about this issue. What color is the mold and what does it look like? Is it white and powdery looking or is it a dark color that is staining the finish on the wall.

    • Laurie M
      Laurie M Erie, PA
      on Feb 25, 2014

      Clean with a good bathroom cleaner (esp one for mold.) Seal it with a good masonary paint. Paint with a mold preventer in your color choice. I used Kilz Paint tinted in my desired color. You'll want to make sure it is sealed from the outside too.