After hurricane irma & no power, how do i know if mold has developed?

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  • Peg Peg on Sep 16, 2017
    It will take awhile to show up and then you need to contact a professional.
  • Sandra Allen Sandra Allen on Sep 16, 2017
    You might be able to smell it before you see it. If you had much water damage, you will probably have issues with mold. If you have access to under your house, have someone go under and take photos. In a week, take them again. If there is nothing, you might have gotten lucky. If not, and you have homeowners insurance, call a good restoration company. I wish you luck. I have had to fix water damage in rentals and it's never fun.
  • Anna Parmapa Anna Parmapa on Sep 16, 2017
    If water has come into your house then yes. Unfortunately. I am studying to be a home inspector and the blogs that have been put out in this profession are all saying that if water has come into the home it has to taken down to the studs. There is nothing else to do, you can't cover it up. If your house was not flooded you are probably ok. Best of luck to you.
  • Karen Tokarse Karen Tokarse on Sep 16, 2017
    You should call a professional who has a thermal imaging camera that detects moisture. Then they can treat it before mold spreads.
  • Either purchase test kits at big box home improvement and hardware stores - but do your research, some are better than others. Or hire a professional service - but even beware with those too, check their license with your states Contractors License Board - scammers crawl out of the woodwork after disasters and never pay any money up front - ever. If you need more help, let us know! We want you all to recover as quickly and safely as possible!
  • Sharon Sharon on Sep 16, 2017
    First thing to do is take pictures of everything, video is even better, then remove the drywall above the water line, remove all the carpeting and wet items from the house. Things you want to save put in the garage to wash off and dry. Then I would wash the walls because the sewers backed up, I would use some bleach in the water or ammonia (not both- toxic reaction). Then use a garden sprayer to spray lightly on the studs and other surfaces. Wear rubber boots, gloves, and googles.
    To cut the drywall off you can use a battery-operated drill, and then a drywall saw if you have no power, or get one of those mini saws that runs on battery. Put all the stuff to go to the dump out on the curb.
  • Sharon Sharon on Sep 16, 2017
    Ophs and when the power comes on lots of box fans will dry it out.
  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Sep 16, 2017
    Do not worry, until you find out for a fact you do have mould, you will only make your self ill , and you may be worrying unnesesarily.............
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