These are funeral urns we have been building for local Funeral Home

3 Days

One of my friend's dad runs the local funeral home. He asked me if I could build Urns for him. I had not made one before but I said that I would try. Here are a few of the finished Urns
This is #1 made from Cherry. The finish is gloss natural.
#1 front view.
#2 this one is Western cedar. With a red cedar cross on the top. The finish is natural.
#2 has box joints on the corners.
#3 is walnut with oak keys on the corners. The finish is natural.
#3 front view.
#4 this one is oak with a walmut cross inset into the top. The finish is natural.
#5 This one is birch with burned pictures on the top and sides. The finish is natural.
#5 as you can see it has flat sides with pictures burned into it.
#6 This will be a flag case urn. I have just started on it and will post more pictures when I deside what it will look like.
#6 This is the flag case and urn sitting together.
This is the finished flag case urn with the Bald Eagle burned on the front with brown rope wood trim.
Another picture of FC urn.
Here is the flag case with the urn.
This is a walnut stained case.
This is an oak flag case.
Here are all three cases.

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  • Brenda Adams
    on Oct 26, 2016

    Do you sell these to individuals?

    • Roger S
      on Oct 31, 2016

      Yes we do but these are one of a kind and we just build them as someone wants to order one. Prices are set by size and design and type of wood used. We have never sold one we had to ship anywhere so this would be added to the price.

  • Roger S
    on Oct 27, 2016

    We do sell them local if someone wants one but mostly to the local funeral home. We make them as a hobby and don't have any made-up to sell. We make them up as needed all are one of a kind.

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