What is the best color to paint outside of your house ?

  8 answers
  • Jacqueline Moore Jacqueline Moore on Sep 19, 2017
    What color is your foundation? Do you have any trim colors such as shutters?
  • Linda Linda on Sep 19, 2017
    a lighter color has less fading, what color is your roof, make sure its goes with that.
  • Old lady with tools Old lady with tools on Sep 19, 2017
    I live in southwest New Mexico. On my street there are a pink one , a couple of yellow ones, a baby blue and a raspberry red and a green one....ln other words there is no BEST color.
  • Gpa5514109 Gpa5514109 on Sep 19, 2017
    Grey is the in colour now
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Sep 19, 2017
    It is not the best color it is what you would like.Paint colors are very personal taste
  • Revive Revive on Sep 19, 2017
    Take your roof color, foundation color and trim color into consideration knowing that your roof color will probably NOT change - or be adventurous and pick your favourite color and just go with it. You can always add your roof color to pots or trim to make it look more cohesive.

  • Lisa S. Lisa S. on Sep 19, 2017
    Keep the paint neutral, especially if you may sell within the next 10 years. You may think a pink or mustard color house is pretty, but you may have trouble selling. You can be adventurous with the door color, and mailbox - the simplest thing to repaint.
  • Rene Robertson Rene Robertson on Sep 19, 2017
    Most often if is personal preference, keeping in mind that neutral colors have the best resale value.