3 Quick And Easy Rug Ideas To Brighten Up Your Space

Do these quick and unique rug projects to liven up your home!

By Leah Fried

Step 1: Flip rug on a shower curtain

Place rug in the center and measure out where you'll want to cut out

Step 2: Cut the curtain 1-2" around the rug

Cut the thick(er) piece off of my shower curtain where you would normally hang it

Step 3: Spray the front

Spray the FRONT part of your rug with tacky spray...

Step 4: Spray the back of the curtain

Make sure not to leave spots without spray

Step 5: Iron curtain on

You can also iron your entire shower curtain before you start the whole process of the project

Step 6: Secure with hot glue

After you've ironed your shower curtain on your rug, flip your rug back over and hot glue the edges

Step 7: Fold the shower curtain & press down

Fold it over the back of your rug--nice and snug

Step 8: Turn rug over & seal with Polycrylic

Brush (or roll) on a coat of Polycrylic and let it dry

Next: Make Your Own Pom Pom Rug

Picking out rugs is sooooo hard, so you might would go ahead and make your own one

Step 1: Cut the shape of the rug you want

You can also cut it in a shape if you want! You can even make a hexagon rug if you so wish!

Step 2: Cut string and wrap the tissue rolls

Once you have a nice mound of yarn on the rolls cut the rest of the skein or ball loose

Step 3: Cut a string and wrap between rolls

Take your yarn strand and feed it between the two rolls of toilet paper and wrap it around the pile of yarn

Step 4: Tie it together

Tie the yarn together on one side, but don't create a knot just yet

Step 5: Cut the loop & slide out toilet roll

Slide one of the toilet paper rolls out from the yarn and cut down the center of the loop that is left

Step 7: Cut the other loop

Now cut the looped side of the poof down the center as you did with the other side

Step 8: Trim and shape

Trim the poof so that all the strands are even and consistent with one another

Step 9: Turn it over

Make sure there are no empty spaces and that they are all arranged in the way you would like!

Next: From a door mat to wall decor

Get off your door mat, believe it or not, soon you'll be hanging it on the wall

Step 1: Spray your mat

Do one even coat on the front and sides of the mat

Step 2: Sand the mat Once my mat is dry

You can apply more pressure in some places to give the mat a more worn look

Step 3: Hang on your wall

You can hang it vertically or horizontally, whatever your decor need is!