Is it ok to use the same soil in your plant box from last year,

Or should I dump last years soil and use fresh potting soil?

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  • Jana Vaughan Jana Vaughan on Sep 19, 2017
    I have always used my leftover soil And never had a problem.
  • Sue Bellino DeBlasio Sue Bellino DeBlasio on Sep 19, 2017
    You can use leftover potting soil. Just aerate really well and maybe add some new to old!
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Sep 19, 2017
    I recycle the soil for the bottom of the pots then plant in fresh
  • Michele Michele on Sep 19, 2017
    It is fine. I like to add more vermiculite and a little peat mos.
  • I use fresh, no nutrients left in the soil.
  • Beth shannon Beth shannon on Sep 19, 2017
    I reuse the soil for a couple of years but I mix in a little new soil to freshen it. Unless my plants were not healthy, then it needs to be removed and the planter should be washed with dish detergent and rinsed well.
  • William William on Sep 19, 2017
    I have always used the old. Just add some new to it and slow release fertilizer.
  • Sue Kay Sue Kay on Sep 19, 2017
    I do, but I amend it with compost and a little miracle grow
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