Mini Gardens Under White Oak Trees

One thing I have a lot of in my Small House under a Big Sky property is mature White Oak trees. At one count my husband counted 47 of them!
As an avid gardener with about 2 ½ acres to mow, I love to create mini gardens under our White Oak trees. Not only are these mini gardens attractive, they makes our mowing and trimming task around our multiple trees bases much easier.
There are some trees species with shallow root systems that it is best not to garden too heavily under. But White Oak trees have deep root systems and as long as one is careful you can successfully garden under these trees.
In my Zone 5 part sun/part shade garden these are the plants that grow well under my White Oak Trees.
PLANTS: Day lilies, epimedium, hostas, wild violets, iris, buttercups, pansies, pinks, phlox, and various ground covers.
YEAR ONE: First I carefully dig out the grass and weeds that are under my tree bases. I add 6” to 8“of bark chips around the tree base to begin to amend the soil.
YEAR TWO AND ON: I transplant the above highly performing plants under my trees. I start slowly and add plant each year transplanting in spring and fall. This is a process that I do over the course of several years.
Each spring I weed, replace bark chips as needed and add more plants as possible.
This is one of the mini gardens beds under our White Oak trees.
This image was taken off the Internet and shows an established under tree bed.
This is a early spring image of a mini bed at the base of our White Oak tree.
A second under tree round bed with similar flowers planted below it.
A lovely shade garden under the shade of trees filled with hostas and ferns.

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