My birds have stopped coming to my feeder except for the woodpeckers.

my birds have stopped coming to my feeder except for the woodpeckers. What has happened?

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  • Jamie Boyce Jamie Boyce on Sep 21, 2017
    Woodpeckers are more aggressive at feeding stations and can actually scare off many other birds. You could try changing the mix you are using or don't put any out for a week and the woodpeckers will go elsewhere (that is if you want them to leave.) Also check your feeder for insect activity and clean out the feeder of any old food residue, etc.
  • 2dogal 2dogal on Sep 21, 2017
    Birds migrate to warmer climates in the fall.
  • Donna Wright Interiors Donna Wright Interiors on Sep 21, 2017
    We only feed black oil sunflower seeds, we have every bird coming to the feeders.
  • Amazing Grace ! Amazing Grace ! on Sep 21, 2017
    An artificial owl will keep the woodpeckers away...
  • PJ Wise PJ Wise on Sep 24, 2017
    We feed an avg of 40 pounds of black oil sunflower seed per week. Right now, because of the heat, our usual birds are most likely in the deeper woods where it is cooler. The biggest flush of migration birds from our area has pretty much finished, so the birds we were used to seeing since April are gone and things are quieting down. We also noticed we have had a hawk move into the neighborhood so our doves are only visiting later in the evening. We have always had woodpeckers of every kind at our feeders, but because we have 4 large feeders, they've never scared away any of the birds, from the smallest to the largest. Take the time now (before winter) to do some clean up around the ground under the feeders, clean the feeders themselves, etc.
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