From Double Decker Bus to RV in 20 Steps

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In 2011 I bought this bus, and in a period of five years, until 2016 I transformed it into an RV with 11 seats and 4 places to sleep (for me and my family - we've got two boys). Most of the work on the bus I did myself, but towards the end of the project it became clear that what professionals would take weeks, for that I would need another two years, so we decided on outsourcing some work - most noticeable the kitchen and the carpeting. In 2016 we went on vacation with the bus in Germany, and we had a good time. This year again we took it on the road, this time to Germany, Czechia and Austria, and now I made a video of it (check my YouTube channel called Onrust!). Because of the many questions I got, I made a FAQ, which you might check if you have a question (link below). But of course, I'll be happy to answer any more of your questions. (I had to give in a number of how much the project in total was, but I don't really know exactly.)
In 2011 I bought the bus. It then looked like this.
Floor plan
I made a plan in Sketchup (the plan is for free available in the 3D Warehouse of Sketchup).
And in the bus I took everything out. For instance all the seats. Later on, in total 11 seats would return again.
Then it was time for walls and insulation.
I made a bed in the bedroom.
It got a bathroom with a sitting bath, a sink and a toilet.
Bunk beds
For the kids I made bunk beds.
Plumbing in the kitchen
Downstairs there was to be a kitchen, and I fitted all the plumbing.
As a finishing touch I added some art in the bus, like a drawing and a painting of Rembrandt.
Process of the making
In this video you can see the process of the making of the bus.
Finished result
And in this video is the finished result, as you can see demonstrated by my wife.

Suggested materials:

  • Bus  (The Netherlands)
  • Wood  (a lot)

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