Whimsical Garden Butterfly

Have fun with crystals? Why not. I had some extra red, clear and black crystals. Here is what I came up with. Of course it has to do with a butterfly....I think it looks like a butterfly with a close resemblance to... Guess who?
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Having fun making a Whimsical Butterfly.
I used: 19 gauge wire for wings & 20 gauge wire for antennae. Large hole beads for body, 8, 10mm beads for wings
Insert wire into head bead and body bead, open
Insert a 20 gauge wire into head bead for the antennae and bend up to secure. Start stringing on beads making a mirror image
When you get to the end, use round nose pliers making a loop closure under the body bead. Do this for both sides
String on beads for the tail end.
Take 20 gauge wire approx. 3" insert into last bead, bend up to secure, then slide up to first bead.
String on small spacer bead the make a loop
String on bottom wing beads. Gently shape top and bottom wings
Make a tassel and tie on loop. I also made a string of red beads to tie around body as a skirt.

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