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15+ Marvelous Uses for a Magic Eraser

Adding a Magic Eraser to your cleaning routine is like bringing a microwave into your kitchen – your life will geta lot easier. Think of these little scrubbers like miniature time-savers. Instead of lugging around buckets of soapy water, spray bottles, rags and sponges, all you need to do is dampen a Magic Eraser with a little water and start scrubbing!
Here are 17 things you can do around the house with a Magic Eraser:1. Erase Marker, Pen and Crayon Marks
If your child has decided to play Picasso on your living room walls, grab a Magic Eraser! Tip: Rub the marked area gently so you don’t damage the paint underneath.2. Remove Soap Scum From the Shower
The best time to use a Magic Eraser on your tub or shower is right after bathing – the condensation will make the soap scum will be easier to remove.3. Eliminate Grease Splatters from Your Stovetop
Saturate the Magic Eraser, wring it out and go to town on your stovetop.4. Remove Stains from Leather Furniture
Start with a new, clean Magic Eraser and make sure to wring out any excess water. Tip: Before scrubbing, test the Magic Eraser on a small portion of the leather to prevent any damage.5. Clear Hairspray Buildup From Mirrors
All you need is a few sprays to coat mirrors with a layer of hairspray. To remove the residue, rub a Magic Eraser in a circular motion until your surface shines.6. Clean Tile Grout
Completely saturate the sponge, wring it out and scrub the stains in the grout.7. Remove Scuff Marks from Doors, Walls and Baseboards
Cleaning your baseboards just got a whole lot easier! Rub any scuffmarks with a damp Magic Eraser.8. Clean Vinyl Siding
Test this method on a small, undetectable area before tackling larger areas of your exterior siding.9. Remove Sticker and Label Residue
Never get frustrated with a stuck-on price tag again! A Magic Eraser can easily remove label residue without scratching or damaging the surface.10. Clean Your Oven Vent Hood
This part of your kitchen gets sticky and dirty really fast. Instead of wasting a bunch of paper towels, use a Magic Eraser to remove any gunk.11. Remove Stains from Tupperware
A Magic Eraser is especially helpful for tomato stains or food remnants from your microwaved leftovers.12. Clean Your Oven Window and Door
Just like the top of your refrigerator, this is another one of those chores we often overlook until things get really dirty. Magic Eraser to the rescue!13. Clean Your Refrigerator
The material of a Magic Eraser is perfect for removing bits of food and stains in your fridge.14. Remove Set-In Stains in Coffee Pots
Rub the inside of your coffee pot to remove stains ands leftover coffee residue.15. Clean Trash Can Lids
No spraying or soaking required! Wet the sponge and start scrubbing.16. Polish Silver
Remove tarnishes from jewelry, silverware and more. Carefully rinse your silver and dry it with a clean cloth before storing your pieces.17. Clean Outdoor Furniture
The Magic Eraser is perfect for removing rainwater stains or accumulated dirt and dust.
15 marvelous uses for a magic eraser, crafts, repurposing upcycling

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  • Ttc7584345
    on Jul 13, 2016

    I used a magic eraser to clean some built-up grease off the front of my stainless steel microwave and it left ano ugly dull spot. How can I get the shine back?

    • Steven Ung
      on Apr 30, 2017

      You should never use magic erasers on stainless steel as it's abrasive. Try using some stainless steel polish to buff it out (go along the grain) with a soft cloth.

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  • Julie Yeary
    on Sep 25, 2014

    Magic eraser is like extremely fine sandpaper. you might want to be careful on things like silverware and cars. I buy melamine sponges from e bay. Amazon has them too. You can clean silverware with aluminum foil on the bottom of a container add baking soda and salt a couple of Tbs. of each. I just pour some in, put silverware in it's almost instant. When tarnish is gone, rinse and dry no rubbing. I keep the sponges beside each sink and on the edge of my bathtub for quick and easy spot cleaning. I use mine while I'm in the tub they work without any chemicals.

  • Teresa DeNardo
    on Apr 18, 2015

    Takes off love bugs from car! Also cleans car upholstery leather or cloth. Leather couches come out great!

    • Iberkeley
      on Oct 15, 2015

      @Teresa DeNardo Wish I'd known that when I lived in Coral Springs!

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