Gotta get ready to list this spring

I need to get some curb appeal. I will paint the shutters, but don't have a color yet. The color selection on new is quite limited. I am thinking of removing the screen storm door and painting the entry door. As you can see the house sits far back from the road, so really need something to make it Pop. My daughter says everything I have now just blends in with the wooded area in back. Any suggestions on colors?
gotta get ready to list this spring, curb appeal, doors, landscape, painting, real estate
gotta get ready to list this spring, curb appeal, doors, landscape, painting, real estate
gotta get ready to list this spring, curb appeal, doors, landscape, painting, real estate
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  • DebraM DebraM on Feb 28, 2014
    I would paint the shutters dark, either black or navy blue, remove the storm door and paint the front door orange or a brick red.

  • LYNN LYNN on Feb 28, 2014
    I would add some greenery/plants &/or flowers if in season. Then add some mulch around greenery. Even add some small sized deck chairs& table with spotted plants. these things will give a more lived in look and soften the linear lines of the house. Like Debra said new paint on door and shutters would update and brighten exterior.

    • Jcw Jcw on Mar 01, 2014
      I do have flowers and rock in the area next to house from porch to end of the house. I am probably going to have this all removed (along with the sidewalk in that area) and go with bushes and grass. I have more pots that I put along step of front porch when weather allows. Thank you very much for your input.

  • Ene19230 Ene19230 on Feb 28, 2014
    I agree with the suggestion of removing the storm door (let them know it is available and store it in the garage).A beautiful trellis in between the windows on the front of the house with climbing flowers of some variety - I'm partial to climbing roses - will add a nice pop of color and texture. Add a pretty curvy border in the front yard and fill it with colored mulch. Add a variety of colorful potted flowers to add splashes of color. Remember when selling a house neutrals are good because the buyer wants to be able to envision it being their own (ie doing their own thing to it).

  • Loretta Loretta on Feb 28, 2014
    I would do the shutters in a brown and it will go with the deck porch wood. Then plant lots of greenery and flowers yellows and golds attract attention. They door painted yellow to match the flowers would be good too. Post a picture when you list it so we can see what you came up with.

  • Jcw Jcw on Mar 01, 2014
    I really like the idea of trellis between windows. I try to vary my potted flowers so something is in bloom most of the season. Thank you.

  • KathrynElizabeth Etier KathrynElizabeth Etier on Mar 01, 2014
    Once spring comes everything won't be so blendy (IF spring comes). Have you considered window boxes with bright flowers? I'd go for a red door and shutters. As for the screen door, unless it's in bad condition, I'd leave it--many people want them. If in doubt, ask your real estate agent for an opinion.

  • Katie Katie on Mar 01, 2014
    I agree with @KathrynElizabeth Etier with regard to the red door. It will pop. I would also paint the storm door either the same colour or high gloss black and then paint the shutters the same colour as the door, but in matte. The side light by the door needs to be MUCH bigger. That's a common mistake; putting too small a light fixture at the door. I would also paint the garage doors one shade lighter than the house, so they no longer are the focal point. Lots of bright potted flowers on the deck with a small bistro set or a couple of Muskoka (I goes y'all call them Adirondack) chairs under the window might be nice. You could also consider doing something at the driveway entrance to bring a little definition. Good luck with it! I'd love to see and "after picture". Oh…window boxes…definitely. It will give some depth to the front of the house.

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    • Katie Katie on Mar 01, 2014
      @Jcw LOL! Don't forget the "after" shots. Most of my family lives in the States so we have ongoing arguments about vernacular! Love the Ozarks!

  • CC CC on Mar 01, 2014
    Since its obviously not summer from the pics, it's hard to know what your grass looks like. Putting down new sod really appeals to buyers. Also I would put a few prickly type bushes below the Windows. It deters burglars and the house seems quite secluded. I recently purchased a new home and that was 2 important outside features we wanted. I know it's easy to plant shrubs, but my husband and I are extremely busy people and don't have time for yard work. Just suggestions.

    • Jcw Jcw on Mar 01, 2014
      @CC Thank you, we are also in that too busy for yardwork stage. That is why I will be taking out the decorative work below windows and putting in grass and shrubs. All my flowers will be in pots. We have Zosia grass close to the house. This looks terrible in winter, but love it when it greens and is so soft to the feel when walking on it. (Like carpet). Again thank you for your comment.

  • CC CC on Mar 01, 2014
    I think your ideas are wonderful. Just remember to stay neutral with all your inside colors because believe it or not, some people cannot see past the wall color or the drapes you have hung. It's silly, I know. They don't realize that it's their stuff that will be in your house and not yours. Some people just can't see out of the box. Good luck with your house. Looks like you have beautiful land to offer along with the house.

  • Linda J S Linda J S on Mar 01, 2014
    I think I would plant a crepe myrtle about 5 feeet from the house centered between windows and then some soft low growing ornamental grasses along the front and some annuals along the edge for additional color. Lantana, coleus, mexican heather just to suggest a few. In Texas the heather and lantana will come back after the cold but not the coleus. Additionally, add your potted plants scattered around in the beds and some yard art, pretty stepping stones, or globes, etc. Just some suggestions.

  • I would have the dish people move them to the back side of the roof so they peek over the ridge. They detract from the house.

    • Jcw Jcw on Mar 01, 2014
      Yes. I about had a coronary when i saw those. I have been in FL and had the dish on a pole just outside carport. My husband said they told him they couldn't do that anymore. If I had been there it would have generated some discussion for sure.

  • The dish company hires sub contractors to do installs. All these guys/gals get is around $75 per install so any additional work needed ends up costing them more time. Thus less money. I would call the dish company and complain to them. They will come out and fix it for you no charge.

  • Diane Woods Diane Woods on Mar 01, 2014
    I'm a real estate agent and know it's a tough balance to know where to put your money and time to get the most for your home. I agree with everyone about plants with pops of color, but have few additional thoughts. Concentrate on only a few things that make the largest impact. Think like a client visiting and where they will pause to make their impressions of the house. At the end of the driveway - it would be worthwhile to invest in a few plants to add interest close to the road if you don't have them already, a welcome to the property. Driving up to the house - I'd paint the shutters and porch deck the same color so everything matches better, then add pops of color...don't smother the house with too much. If there is too much they may be put off by the maintenance needed. At the front door - give the front porch more of a presence so it doesn't look like a backyard deck. Add a bench, trellis, or railing Entering the front door - Open, inviting, a highlighted part of the front. (Take the storm door off, paint a bright color and add new or spray paint the hardware. Just show the house is loved, and hopefully they will love it too! I hope you have good experience and things go well for you!

    • @Diane Woods Perfectly put. I was going to say also you need something near the street to catch their eye. Folks need to understand that with all those plantings also may not be what a new home owner visions unless you go way overboard which is not suggested. I totally agree you need to make that porch not look like the backside deck. Railings, some top soil so the deck does not look like it simply was dropped in place on uneven ground and railings.

  • Kara Spurlock Kara Spurlock on Mar 01, 2014
    Def red! Red doors and shutters! Red door is said to be good luck! A little sitting area and some big ferns. I always look at porches and say... Do I want to hang there? If you make the front porch "cozy" and inviting then they will want to see more!

  • Donna Byram Donna Byram on Mar 01, 2014
    Nandina's would look good in front of your home. They are an leafy evergreen and fairly inexpensive to purchase. You can get them in dwarf so there is very little maintenance and they turn colors depending on the time of the year. Green to a deep red. I have them here in Arkansas and do very well.

  • Ene19230 Ene19230 on Mar 02, 2014
    Just a couple of other suggestions. I agree with others who mentioned the garage doors being the focal point so this might help. Paint your front door, shutters and garage doors all the same color (looks like burgundy?) which creates unity and leads the eye across the space evenly. Go a step further and paint the deck the same color too. Where you currently have landscaping rock you can put in matching mulch (burgundy). You now have a unified facade where pops of colorful potted flowers will draw attention to the areas you want to stand out. One last touch - near the road you could put a cute little accent fence on both sides of the driveway with some eye popping plants. It's all about staging, or accentuating the positive, as Diane might agree.

  • Carla Harrod Hampton Carla Harrod Hampton on Mar 02, 2014
    I think the shutters need to be painted black. Get a full view storm door if you have to have one and get black light fixtures! Keep the white trim and white garage doors. A deep red door would work, It will give it a more stately feel!

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    • CC CC on Mar 02, 2014
      I think Carla got it right....her ideas sound perfect!

  • Penny Penny on Mar 02, 2014
    A stagger had us paint the front door red and the shutters black. We sold our home quick I'm the down market. We cut all shrubs below the windows ...trimmed all plants trimmed away from walks and driveway. And clean clean clean. Garage door should match the house or trim. Front door only ref. Hire a Home Stagger...worth it. Only money we spent was paint,pillows and bedspreads. Remember stage to sell not to live in. Declutter and simplify.

  • DebLynn DebLynn on Mar 02, 2014
    I think the shutters would be nice in BLACK to ground the home…A TAN/GOLD Door to match the decking or black would be nice w/black storm door. A welcoming wreath and you good to SELL!

  • DebLynn DebLynn on Mar 02, 2014
    Black and Tan! It goes nicely together….Same tan color as your deck…Paint the Front door and Garage Doors if you wish…. Black shutters and a Black Trellis between the windows with a climbing vine would be nice….Keep it simple and clean…Oh, a black bench on the deck under the window with three Red geraniums would be Welcoming! Or three Geraniums in large Crockery Pots would work too.

  • Lisa Lisa on Mar 02, 2014
    You know, I had said black earlier, but then I went back and looked at the photos again. I think a deep forest green would work nicely on both the shutters and the porch, especially since you will be planting bushes. Black or dark brown mulch, deep red door and chairs and red geraniums. Do not mix up the annuals. You would be amazed at the impact several red geraniums can make. The most I would do is in pots or flower boxes (painted green), add some variegated ivy trailing down. Big impact for little cash outgo. Up front, at the entrance, plant a couple of azaleas and one hydrangea. Add a few geraniums and you're done. Be careful when choosing the color of the azaleas that they won't clash with the geraniums.

  • Anna Marie Gustafson Anna Marie Gustafson on Mar 02, 2014
    Sage green shutters and garage door...darker red for entrance door...deck entry, paint that deck and add mugo pines or star junipers along the edge-with landscape solar lights between them-maybe a 2 ft surround of mulch and pines/junipers-no orange natural at all...something green that will not grow tall and leggy...a brightly colored pot on either side of the door...with 3 ft spiral or ball topiary...some braided colorful ribbon wrapped around the trunk if using the lollipop or other ball topiary and simple seating furniture...create a welcoming entry...if it were my home, I would remove the screen door and allow the entry door rest alone...

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Mar 02, 2014
    I would paint the shutters black and the front door red...a deeper red. Take down the storm door and repair the holes and repaint the facings. (Penny stated they had immediate luck with these colors) Get 2 large nice pots for the sides of the steps and plant a miniature evergreen shrub in it with a few colorful annuals and some miniature ivy hanging around (there are beautiful evergreens that don't get over 18" high). You need to plant the same colors and things at the road too, either in beds or in large pots...rather large pots. You can buy the big plastic ones cheap! (And they are easier to keep watered...take a couple of milk jugs of water down in your car about once a week!) And do plant some things across the front of the house on the right. Pick something taller and lacy for the center and shorter ones on the side (about 2 on each side). You can fill in with some small bright green (chartreuse) plants. My only suggestion for the garage doors is to make sure they are very clean...even might want to put on a fresh coat of paint. Good luck, keep us posted.

  • MaryAnn B MaryAnn B on Mar 02, 2014
    I have a red front door and Love it! The color of my house is pale yellow with white trim. If red sounds too bright I would go with burgundy. I wouldn't change the garage doors, paint the trim around the garage doors a compatible . Use high gloss paint to make it stand out.

  • Bonny McDaniel Bonny McDaniel on Mar 02, 2014
    I saw the photo and my first thought was: it needs black shutters and some other black items...large pots, light fixtures, etc. Glad to see it has already been suggested. It would really make it pop. And some foundation plants even just juniper would help.

  • Ene19230 Ene19230 on Mar 02, 2014
    Something you might want to try to see if you like the ideas shared here. Do a simple line drawing of the front of your house. Overlay it by taping on several layers of vellum (translucent paper). use colored pencils an to add in some of the suggestions made here peeling back the layers as you draw in each of the suggestions. You could also just make several copies of your drawing to do the same. It's fun and can help you see the impact of the suggested changes before you go out and spend a bunch of money or put in a lot of effort.

  • MikkiGirl MikkiGirl on Mar 02, 2014
    My suggestion is to paint the shutters and front door (remove storm door) brick red and add a brass kick plate to the door. Place potted plants around the deck and on the steps. You mentioned that you have flowers planned between the walk and home but you need something dense, and high enough, to cover up the bent siding to the right of the deck. Sorry, don't mean to sound critical but I used to be a real estate agent. You might also paint the garage doors the same brick red as the shutters and front door. That would really make your home POP! Best of luck to you!

  • Carole Carole on Mar 02, 2014
    Whatever you do with the shutters - good luck. Might I just add that a few plants give great curb appeal when selling a home. Some well placed large pots either side of the entry way - with perhaps a topiary or something colourful in them and maybe plant out a flower bed close to the house. Anything that brightens it up and makes it overall effect - marrying the house with the land it sits on - will add great appeal. It is worth spending some cash to do this. I assume you mean your are selling your home?? Also when showing your home, de-clutter as much as you can, move any pets off site while showing your home (if at all possible) and if you think there might be any doggy odours that you may have gotten used to but people who are not pet owners might be put off by then suggest you have any carpets cleaned, keep the house well aired and perhaps use those plug-in air fresheners in the house (although nothing too sweet and sickly smelling). Good luck with it all, hope it goes well.

  • Tculisa Tculisa on Mar 02, 2014
    Definately a POP of color on the front door (remove storm door). I'd tie things together by painting the shutters, porch, and the trim area of the garage doors the same, but I'd keep the garage doors the same as the house. I think if you paint them a darker color they WILL become the focal point rather than the front door. Large pots on the porch with lots of color will also help draw the attention to the porch. Black lighting and trim with a red door would really look great.

  • Opal Opal on Mar 03, 2014
    I would go with black on the shutters and light fixture, black mulch and evergreen plants up by the house and then something smaller in front (I hear boxwood plants and ferns are cheap, easy and always green). If you need to keep the storm door, I would paint it black as well. I agree with the above on the door, a darker red or green. Please post your results and I wish you a quick sale.

  • CynK CynK on Mar 04, 2014
    Rich dark brown shutter. I'd also redo the deck color to match with shutters.

  • Amy Ogden-Paparone Amy Ogden-Paparone on Mar 04, 2014
    I believe black and or brown shutters will make the house look somewhat like a storage building. I would paint the shutters a really nice sage green color, and the front door the same color. Leave the screen door, it'll make the front door pop after it's painted. Throw a bright colored wreath on it. Paint the deck 2 shades darker than the door and shutters. And even tho it's not the season to be sitting out, put a couple of chairs, a small table, some throw pillows maybe a blanket over a bench and it'll catch the eye of all who drive by. Good Luck! I hope you get a buyer very soon!

  • Cher Cher on Mar 04, 2014
    black shutters yes, what are you selling for ?

  • Cher Cher on Mar 04, 2014
    i may be looking in your area come spring

  • Janice Janice on Mar 12, 2014
    i'm thinking forest green, on shutters and door, or a deep pumpkin color on shutters and door. i'd change the storm door to a more stylish steel storm that locks. it's good to have a storm door, when answering the door, there is still protection of a locked storm door and a view of who is at the door. just me. but, i do also like red.

  • MaryAnn B MaryAnn B on Mar 13, 2014
    I love the pumpkin. They make storm doors that are mostly glass so that the door shows.