Help! Desperate to change my fireplace area.

l Want to paint paneling & walls. Thinking off white or light grey. What color should I paint the pine paneling? Paint the bricks?
q help desperate to change my fireplace area
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  • Precious Pins Precious Pins on Sep 22, 2017
    I would do a bright white epoxy or glossy on the pine mantle and a white wash on the bricks. Gorgeous fireplace by the way!!
    • Laurie Laurie on Sep 23, 2017
      Thanks! The fireplace is a nice center point is this room. I just see it as an eyesore right now.
  • Lou1595409 Lou1595409 on Sep 22, 2017
    Paint the paneling . White and the Fire place white keep the mantle the way it is.take the wreath off and put a pitcherinthe middle the the frame or something hanging in the middle squares
  • Lisa S. Lisa S. on Sep 22, 2017
    Paint the paneling. The fact that there is no contrast between the wall and the paneling is troubling. I am not sure for what purpose the paneling was applied. Painting it is the easiest way to deal with it. You will need to use a good primer first. Do not use a bright enamel, but a flat paint, after a primer. A shiny paint will emphasize the knots and lines. From other items in your picture, oriental area rug, cherry / mahogany side piece your decorating style is traditional.
    It would be great if you could strip the mantel and stain it to match the rest of your furniture. If you absolutely hate the mantel pain it white , but use a primer then a shiny enamel. The shape of the mantel looks classic. Really nice.
    Get rid of the window / wreath arrangement, and get your self a nice BIG painting . Often available at thrift shops/ estate sales. You can get a painting not a print for under $50.00 sometimes.
    What ever you do - do NOT paint the brick. The brick goes with your style. panting it will make it show soot - from your wood stove. You cannot un-paint brick. painted brick will decrease your resale value. Brick red goes with most everything, and all styles. It is classic.
    Longer term - think about book cases flanking either side of the fireplace. Will tidy things up a bit and give you a total focus wall. You can use a pair of premade book causes form a big box store then trim them out so they appear custom.
    I actually like knotty pine (real stuff) for some applications. But here it looks like an after thought. If you had crown molding, trim to match, it would sink - but here it just does not work. (unless there is more on other walls)
    You have a great set of things to work with. Good luck.
    • Laurie Laurie on Sep 23, 2017
      hi .. thanks for the suggestions. When we moved to the house, the paneling was there. It does "stick out" a bit from the wall.

      The fireplace is centered on the wall. This room goes front to back in our 100+ year old farmhouse.

      I have a lot of nice things I can put over the mantle (paintings, large mirrors, windows etc.) .. if I were to paint the wall a light gray, should I do the paneling the same color or paint it a shade of soft white?

      The oriental rug will be replaced at some point .. just not my style but has worked for the past 15+ years.
  • Michele Pappagallo Michele Pappagallo on Sep 22, 2017
    Whitewash the paneling and the brick....then paint the mantle a bright, gloss white......will modernize it and give it a great new look!
  • Barb Barb on Sep 24, 2017
    I personally would paint the fireplace and the wooding paneling a grey, white would look to drab being to to close to your wall color now and you want the to be your focal point in the room and keep the brick as is, but remember satin paint helps to hide imperfections in the panel but gives just a hint of shine, my neighbor use shiny and he sorry now. Also omit the window pane with the weath add a mirror. Here's a few photo ideas and can't wait to see your finished project🔨📌💡
  • Karenskipper67 Karenskipper67 on Sep 24, 2017
    In the house we moved into the previous owner put textured wallpaper over the paneling on either side of the fireplace. The wallpaper covers the entire wall, except the brick of course, that the fireplace is on.
  • Lisa S. Lisa S. on Sep 25, 2017
    If I were to paint the paneling, it would be the same color as the wall. If you wanted any difference in color, stick to the very next shade up or down in the gray family. Not white. I would go with a large painting. A nice mantel clock would also be an attractive addition. A few large accessories on the mantel are better seen as a focal point, then a lot of small things. A pair of candle sticks would be good.
    Lucky you 100 year old farm house!
  • 2dogal 2dogal on Sep 25, 2017
    From your picture, it looks like you could easily remove the knotty pine paneling. Then I'd sand and paint the mantle and wood around the brick. If it is a working fire place, I'd clean the brick and leave it alone. If you really dislike it, I'd tile over it.
  • Holly Lengner - Lost Mom Holly Lengner - Lost Mom on Dec 07, 2020

    Paint would work wonders here:

    Home and Garden DIY Ideas | Hometalk

  • Ken Erickson Ken Erickson on Dec 07, 2020

    I would go with a slightly darker shade than the wall color on the paneling and maybe a black on the bricks to complement the wood stove.

  • Dee Dee on Dec 08, 2020

    I would paint the paneling and the wall. Agreeable gray for the wall, and the next darker color up for the paneling. I would then paint the mantle either glossy white or black depending on the rest of the room. A nice whitewash the bricks.

  • Lori Taylor Lori Taylor on May 07, 2021

    Get rid of that wood. It's kiling the whole thing.

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